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Squawker Media is a decentralized media outlet where free speech, identity protection, and facts are considered to be valuable above anything else. Our medium is a platform for conservatives of all schools of thought to engage in thoughtful conversation with subjects that matter. We invite thoughtful writers to join us in penning columns to support our cause! Inquirers can send a cover letter, writing sample, and (optional) a resume to squawkermedia@gmail.com. There are no absolute requirements to being a contributor on Squawker, and requests to join the platform will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Squawker is a website that features bloggers on a variety of subjects. Squawker has no political or cultural affiliation; we are not backed by any banks, investors, or blockchain organizations. We are a platform that brings on the best, most elite bloggers in the world. We do not necessarily agree with all of the content that our bloggers post.

A conservative platform to allow writers to pen what they are passionate about without censorship. Squawker is committed to a censorship-free platform insofar that one’s message does not transgress the law. Our Terms of Service allows contributors to write inflammatory columns, that is, content that would offend the delicate ears of other media platforms. 

We believe that the counterculture goes beyond the conservative label and that conservatism alone will not save a society from cultural collapse. A conscious rejection of the Frankfurt School and cultural Marxism and the embracing of traditionalism from familial values to the public sphere of life is necessary too maintain national identity. Squawker believes that science reinforces the case for traditionalism and we seek to be on the cutting edge of the countercultural movement with breaking headlines. 

Quality Writing
Often, conservatives have winning arguments that become diluted under poor communicative skills. At Squawker, we encourage ideologues to express themselves qualitatively and manifest their social and political framework(s) into foundationally solid, high-grade content. 

Hate Speech
Free speech without hate speech is no speech at all. At Squawker, we viciously defend the right of people on the internet to express hateful opinions with fearing retribution. The right for an individual to discriminate against gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, or culture is synonymous with the right of individuals to discern their individual values and stand against what they believe to be objectively false. We do not, however, encourage violations of federal law. Death threats, doxing, and illegal defamatory content (as defined by the United States) is strictly prohibited and will be removed. 

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Taylor Larson, MSN, RN 

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