Squawker.org is a fact checking website meant to counteract the stunning phenomena of fake news. A majority of fake news comes from the mainstream media, yet an offensive has been put forth by the MSM to wage a war on alternative news. For years, a fabrication of reality has been created for people living in Western nations. In the United States, a vast quantity of media is controlled by 6 companies. Media is broadly defined as cinema, cable, hit television series, sports, children’s programs, local channels, and much more. The few corporations in charge have put forth a radical agenda to indoctrinate all with a narrative of globalism while pushing the masses into a homogenous group of politically correct subjects. They’ll tell you to ignore the truth ignore narratives if it offends a minority group. Squawker.org is a website for those who still appreciate facts, who believe that facts provide us with the best evidence to fight back against the MSM and their controlled opposition sources. Our writers are researchers first. We are not partisans. We love using humor, wit, and irony as we expose facts that might be inconvenient, unsettling, or unpleasant.

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