9/11 Mastermind Sides With Democrats Over Haspel


The name Khalid Sheikh Mohammed conjures up images of the burning Twin Towers on the unforgettable morning of September 11, 2001. Mohammad was the alleged mastermind behind the attacks, which left almost 3,000 Americans dead nearly 17 years ago. Now he is in the news again, and the reason why has shocked many across the country.

Apparently Mohammad has something in common with Democrats in Congress. Like them, he does not approve of President Donald Trump’s nomination of Gina Haspel to lead the CIA.

The Al-Qaeda leader, who was captured in Pakistan two years after 9/11 and is now imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay detention camp, requested a military judge to share an attachment with the Senate Intelligence Committee that contains “six specific paragraphs of information” regarding Haspel.

Mohammed apparently took the time to pen it himself. He has requested to brief U.S. Senators on his thoughts about the nominee.

Some of the Democrats who do not approve of Haspel include John Tester of Montana, Ron Wyden of Oregon, Martin Heinrich of New Mexico and Dianne Feinstein of California. Tester stated he is opposed to Haspel because he objects to waterboarding, which has been criticized as a torture method by many opponents. Mohammad was waterboarded in order to obtain information about possible attacks on American citizens after 9/11.

In 2002, Haspel was a chief of base at a black-site prison in Thailand, where detainees were subjected to harsh interrogation, including waterboarding. A black-site prison is a location at which an unacknowledged black project takes place. It can refer to the facilities that are controlled by the C.I.A and used by the U.S. government in its War on Terror to detain alleged enemies.

When questioned whether Haspel had any connection to Mohammed’s detention or interrogation, Dean Boyd, a C.I.A. spokesman, said he could not comment on her activities in 2003 given the sensitivity of her work. However, he said the agency had provided to the Senate a set of classified documents that described her career, “including her time in C.I.A.’s Counterterrorism Center in the years after 9/11.”

The fact that Mohammad is siding with Democrats to denounce Haspel’s possible new role has been making headlines on the 24 hour news channels. FoxNews commentator Dana Perino said, “I tweeted last night that thousands of innocents were unavailable to comment on his (Mohammad’s) outrageous request.”

The thousands of innocents she referred to were, of course, the victims killed on 9/11.