British Police Form Blockade to Ensure Alfie Evans Dies at Hospital


An heartbreaking image is making the rounds on social media as people around the world begin to fully understand what socialized healthcare looks like.

British police have formed a blockade around Alder Hey Hospital in England to prevent supporters of baby Alfie Evans from being able to rescue the sick child who is being held against his parents wishes and slowly starved to death inside the hospital.

Photo: Thomas Evans, Facebook photo, moments before Alfie was taken off his ventilator. 

After having two appeals to the European Court of Human Rights refused the family have exhausted every legal avenue in the UK to save their child from the court’s deadly ruling.

Alfie’s story is an ongoing saga which has captured the world. Alfie was born healthy but fell ill in December of 2016. He suffered from seizures and eventually slipped into a coma.

Alfie, breathing on his own. Photo source: Facebook

His mysterious and ongoing illness has put doctors at odds as they disagree on his diagnoses and treatment. In August of 2017 Charlie’s parents sought the help of doctors in the US and Italy who claimed to have revolutionary treatments that could help the child.

However, in December of 2017 Alder Hey hospital said they opposed moving Alfie to an Italian children’s hospital. Alder Hey then applied to the High Court to switch off the baby’s life support.

Photo source: National Right to Life 

On February 20th Judge Mr Justice Hayden ruled that Alfie’s life support must be terminated and Alfie’s parent’s desire to take their son to a specialist hospital in Italy was denied.

Despite the parent’s ongoing appeals, on March 20th, the Supreme Court justices in London refuse to hear the case. On March 28th the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg also refused.

Alfie’s family, and a majority of his most vocal supporters in the media, are Catholic and on April 18th Alfie’s dad, Tom Evans, met Pope Francis at The Vatican in Rome to plead for help in his son’s case.

On April 23rd Alfie was granted Italian citizenship in a desperate attempt to legally move him to Rome. However, despite this, the English court system continues to hold the now Italian citizen against the wishes of his parents. 

At 9:17 pm on April 23rd, Alfie was removed from his ventilator but defied the odds and kept breathing on his own. Next, the doctors removed liquids and nourishment from the child who is unable to eat on his own, in an attempt to starve him to death.

As if all that wasn’t enough, on April 26th Alfie Evans’ chaplain has allegedly removed from the child’s room at Alder Hey hospital.

According to Life Site News, the priest appealed to the consciences of the hospital staff, informing them that God would judge them for their sins against Alfie’s life and this led to the hospital removing the child’s priest while they actively attempt to speed along Alfie’s demise.

However, if you live in Liverpool, England, be cautious about sharing this article or any other information about Alfie online because Liverpool police have warned that social media posts about the hospital, the court decisions and other things surrounding the Alfie Evans situation are “being monitored” in what they have called “malicious communications” that will be investigated.

Pope Francis continues to make his support well known through statements and tweets in support of the child and family. The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Angelino Alfano, has pleaded on Twitter for the U.K. to allow Alfie to come to Italy for care. The president of Poland, Andrzej Duda, said on Twitter that baby Alfie must be saved and that some “goodwill is needed on the part of decision-makers.”

Charlie Guard and his parents. Photo source: Facebook 

If this case sounds familiar that’s because a case almost exactly like this happened last year when little Charlie Guard was also denied the right to leave the country to seek medical care and died, held prisoner, in an English hospital. It was a stark reality call to those who want the government to make their health care choices.