California Politician Wants “May Day” As Official State Holiday to Celebrate Communism


The Golden State is once again making headlines due to its far-left politicians.

This week, Assemblyman Miguel Santiago (D) who represents the 53rd Assembly District (which encompasses parts of Downtown Los Angeles and East Los Angeles) presented Bill AB-3042, which would have combined Washington and Lincoln birthday celebrations into one holiday known as “President’s Day” while designating May 1 for International Workers’ Day celebrations.

AB-302 would have also made International Workers’ Day, or May Day, a state-mandated holiday and would have forced schools “to commemorate and direct attention to the history of labor movements.”

May Day is undoubtedly one of the most important holidays in communist nations such as China, North Korea, Cuba and the former Soviet Union countries. 

Santiago’s office stated, “Today, many of California’s students have never learned about the incredible struggles that workers undertook to win basic labor rights and build the middle class.”

Needless to say, Republicans did not agree with adding on a paid holiday which represents socialism.

“I’m aghast that a bill like this would be able to get through committee,” Assemblyman Matthew Harper, who represents Huntington Beach, said. “This is ridiculous, this is insane, this is un-American. And for folks who think that the U.S. won the Cold War with the Soviet Union, this makes it sound like we’re going in the other direction — that indeed California is kowtowing to the Soviet domination of the Cold War.”

Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, who represents Lake Elsinore, reminded people that there’s already a day to commemorate the struggle for labor rights. It’s called Labor Day.

The bill was initially approved by the education and appropriations committees, allowing for a vote on the Assembly floor. However while it failed in a vote of 27-22, Santiago has already submitted a measure to reconsider the legislation.

According to American Thinker, Santiago, 45, was elected four years ago. His district is well known for its large illegal alien population. He is connected to Los Angeles’ former radical left-wing mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa. He is also closely linked with unions.

Not surprisingly, California’s ultra-liberal Governor Jerry Brown, supports Santiago taking action to reintroduce the legislation.