ESPN Leads the Way in the SJW Takeover of the Sports World

There was a time when sports media was exactly as advertised. Whether they were tuning into ESPN, Fox Sports, or catching a game on one of the networks, sports fans could rest assured that they would be free from political influence in either direction.


Somewhere along the way, the Left decided they were not satisfied with the sanctity of politics-free sports coverage. Similar to the cesspool Hollywood has become, manifesting in disgusting displays of non-stop virtue signaling during award shows, the Leftist sports media decided they were honor-bound to breed a new brand of SJW sports journalists, “woke” enough to opine about any of the usual manufactured injustices progressives conjure out of thin air.  Chief among them; ESPN and the network’s decade-long race to the far Left.

SJW Sports Media Marching Orders

The tactic is simple: Break them down and build them back up.  Reduce the focus on what is happening on the playing field or the court. Create debate style programs which are less interested in tangible statistical analysis, obsessed with bringing up a social or political issue, just so the hosts can see who can out-virtue signal the other (see ESPN’s ‘First Take’).

Soon enough, viewers are stuck having to endure an assault of propaganda, just to see a one minute and thirty second highlight of their favorite team’s latest game.  They will even come to expect it.

Do Leftists Stop There?

Absolutely not. We’re moving into an era where athletes are not only encouraged to share their political beliefs, they are required to. Of course, provided they fit into the progressive brand of ideology.

Discouraging any semblance of a conservative voice while simultaneously elevating every unhinged far-left idea serves a dual purpose: Push only one narrative out there, while browbeating conservatives to the point where they feel alone and powerless. This is an attack on both fans and athletes, alike.

Alienating Half of the Country

In 2016, a photo was taken of Tom Brady’s locker, in which was hanging a MAGA hat.  This simple fact prompted scoffing and disapproval from triggered Leftist journalists. While Colin Kaepernick basically defecated all over the National Anthem, sparking a hyper-politicized scandal that has severely damaged the NFL, and all of the sudden he’s the reincarnated soul of Martin Luther King, Jr., himself!  That is, according to the Left.

Clearly there is no bias there… But what has led to the layoffs and hemorrhaging of subscribers for ESPN, is not the fact that they are so skewed toward the Left. Rather, it is their insistence upon destroying one of the last remaining institutions that brings all Americans together, for the sole purpose of saturating another area of American life with the toxic sludge of Leftist ideology.

Rest for the Weary?

For the time being, sports fans can still seek refuge from the social justice propaganda by limiting their consumption of sports media to live broadcast games. The injection of political rhetoric remains scant, in that arena. However, enjoy it while it lasts, because we know how the Left operates.

Once the live broadcast talent becomes “woke” to their social responsibility, you may not be able to watch a televised game without being inundated with BLM rhetoric, Planned Parenthood fundraisers, and lessons on institutional racism and unconscious bias… with the occasional comment about the actual game being played, sprinkled in for good measure.  God help us.