female terrorists

Three Muslim female terrorists, two of whom wear full burkahs and face masks, planned to carry out a deadly knife attack in Great Britain between April 11th and April 28th. They will face trial for terrorism charges on May 19th.

Britain is still recovering from the Westminster attack involving an immigrant who ran his car into a crowd and stabbed a police officer near Parliament.

ISIS Female terrorists are on a dramatic rise throughout Europe after years of open borders and no vetting. According to the Daily Caller, the U.K. trial is one example of a growing problem: women in burkahs planning to commit heinous crimes. Many of these women may be radicalized by their ISIS-empathizing husbands.

French authorities warned of a rise in female-dominated Islamic State terror cells in September. A group of women were arrested after three bottles of diesel fuel and five canisters of cooking gas were discovered Sept. 4 in a car near the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Police detained two girls weeks later in the city of Nice for plotting to carry out an attack. (RELATED: ISIS Increasingly Using Women And Children To Terrorize France)

Muslim men are often radicalized in the European prison system, where they meet other Muslims who align with the worldview of ISIS. Thousands of Arab Muslim men who immigrated to Europe have traveled back to the Middle East in hopes of establishing a Sunni caliphate with ISIS. Some of the men were then readmitted into Europe with no detention or vetting. And they brought their terrorist agendas with them.

It is well-documented that UK police have ignored terrorist crimes of Muslims living there for quite some time. This includes the rape and murder of young white girls who walk unescorted through rough areas of London. Feminist groups and liberals have refused to talk about the rape pandemic carried out by Muslim men against these girls.

Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defense League, is a defender of these little girls. Robinson, who works as a journalist for Rebel Media, was recently arrested by British police for video recording near a courthouse, a law established in the 1920s and rarely enforced. Though, it was in Robinson’s case.

As the U.K., Germany, and Sweden criminally prosecute their own people for speaking out about the dangers of open borders, more acts of terrorism are being concocted by those who want to destroy Europe. Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion bent on conquest. It now has open door access to do so, as the most radical pour across the borders of Europe.

The United States can learn from the mistakes of Europe’s immigration nightmare. Stand up now and shut down the borders or you will lose your country. You have to be louder and fiercer than the opposition, and you have to stop fearing terms like “racism,” “bigot,” or “xenophobe,” which the left enjoys using to shut down opposition.