Killer of Millions: Marxism Festival Planned for London


In another bold cultural move that has seen the openly Marxist movement in the West continue to grow, London is holding a huge summer festival in honor of the political system that is responsible for more deaths in the 20th century than any other regime. 

94 million people have lost their lives in the past 100 years to torture, starvation and systematic execution by Marxist communism yet Left wingers in England think that this theme would make an absolutely brilliant summer festival! 

None of these pesky historical facts regarding genocide make it onto however. They describe themselves as wanting to “challenge racism and oppression,” desiring “action over climate change.” 

Yes, it’s just a harmless group of flower power hippies worried about global warming who also just happen to advocate for the same sort of ruling elite who genocided 3-8 million Christians in Holodomor

Chillax…I’m sure there will be face painting and balloons. 

This isn’t a new thing. This Marxist festival has been happening for 30 years! According to their website this festival, “brings together thousands of activists, trade unionists, students, writers and academics from across the globe to grapple with political questions of the day and discuss a way forward in campaigns and struggles.”

Many of the event speakers will be discussing what they consider to be “racism and the rise of the far right” in Europe, which clues one into the fact that the Marxist agenda of mass extermination and destruction of Europe and the West, has not changed, only their tactics have. 

Through mass migration, Western people and culture are both being eradicated. London itself, where the event will occur, is now majority non-British. Can you imagine Tokyo being majority non-Japanese? How about Mexico City being majority non-Mexican?

England is the ethnic homeland of the British people. It is their sovereign soil and native country. When the Chinese move into Tibet and begin to take over the people and culture, we rightly call it genocide, yet no one calls for justice in the ethnic cleansing on England’s capital city. 

In 50 years, Pakistan will still be ethnically Pakistani but England will not be ethnically British. However, Marxists are set to flood the streets of London this July and have the audacity to tell the British people that they are racist for wanting their country to remain British.


England showed the world this year just how far it was willing to take its Marxist extremism. Members of Britain First, a patriotic British group, were arrested. Brittany Pettibone, a young, right-leaning, American journalist was barred from entering the country along with her contemporary Lauren Southern. A comedian on Youtube who goes by the name Count Dankula was arrested and tried for jokingly teaching his girlfriend’s pug dog to “Seig Heil.”

With all those things together, I suppose it may not be surprising to many that London will be hosting a Marxist festival 

Keep fighting for civilization, readers.