Is Seth Rich Investigator George Webb Spinning A Web of Disinfo?

George Webb

Recently, George Webb has gained notoriety among citizen journalists across the internet for his investigation of Seth Rich. His videos now average tens of thousands of views and his channel has a healthy 40,000 subscribers. 

Webb is one of the foremost Seth Rich murder investigators, but questions are now being raised about him.

Webb began his investigation around October 2016, nearly three months after Seth Rich was killed, however the first 52 videos have been taken down from his Youtube channel. Webb alleges Youtube removed them, but others speculate Webb did it himself.

His series about Seth Rich has led to discussion of other entities that may be involved like the Clinton Foundation, the Awans, Steve Feinberg, Frank Giustra, and Carlos Slim, missing persons like Monica Petersen or Eric Braverman. Earlier content produced by Webb deals with topics like organ harvesting, drug and human trafficking through Dyncorp.

Webb’s early videos are in the style of “old Youtube,” which is refreshing in today’s saturated, click-bait, graphic-heavy, Youtube thumbnails. Webb’s videos are a fountain of information. Webb and his investigators compile sources and articles in many Google Docs (here is one), in which he bases his working theories. He does multiple videos a day.

For those of you new to his channel here is quick rundown: usually the first is an overview about the topic for that day/series, and throughout the day he will update his information or change his claims. This is usually because some of his sources run down earlier claims and verify or debunk them with new information. 

In his videos, Webb will sometimes admit that “this is a working theory,” other times he forgets or neglects to let his viewership know he is postulating, which can be confusing and frustrating for some. Due to this, it is not surprising many are skeptical of his work, by acting like something is fact, or omitting that your “facts” are just theories, it bears resemblance to a counter-intelligence operation. The video style may have thrown people off as well. All of his earlier videos, and even still today, consist of him filming his computer screen, pointing at slides and gesturing his hands, postulating about various crimes and shady dealings. As a result of this, Webb’s hand gained significant popularity, and it became a running joke in the comment sections of his earlier videos, but viewers wanted him to verify he was the same person.  His second “proof of life” videos doesn’t appear until day 148. There is a video of him from over a year ago not related to his current series, where he is seen talking to the camera. Many users, even myself, questioned the authenticity of Webb because he wouldn’t show his face. Admittedly, it can be hard to trust someone you can’t see.

Around this time, Day 158, 160170 of the series, Webb embarks in more involved journalism. He travels across the country to interview people and investigate ratlines, primarily in the Midwest and East Coast. This is the kind of reporting the MSM should be doing, which is why Webb’s videos may give you a feeling of some credibility. When Webb uploaded videos retracing Seth Rich’s last steps, it was revealing to see the discrepancies in the official reports spurring more interest in the Seth Rich investigation.

These videos and information from Webb all seem too good to be true. You would think that these shadowy groups or the Deep State would take notice and make him disappear, or Webb would get sad and shoot himself in the back of the head three times, but he hasn’t. Webb focused heavily on the Clinton Foundation in Haiti and the “suicide” of Monica Peterson. Peterson was investigating sex and human trafficking in Haiti before she was found hung in her abode. Webb and Peterson are pulling at the same threads, so why does Peterson disappear, but Webb doesn’t? As we all know, it is very easy to disappear a journalist, remember Michael Hastings?

Recently, Youtuber Tracybeanz has alleged George could be cointelpro, disinformation, psyop, Mossad, or a combo of all four. George has an impressive working knowledge of ratline modus operandi and other related networks. Investigators are starting to question Webb. What was up with those Seth Rich files that Webb and Goodman told everyone to download? Did they contain some sort of beaconing, pandemic, or tracking software?  George has also run into problems with three people he teamed up with for the Seth Rich investigation, Trish the Dish and Jason Goodman, and notably HA Goodman. The later who split last week, he gives his reason in the video above. HA Goodman is not alone in this, Defango who also worked with Webb & Co., distanced himself and suspects one of the three is a spy.

Despite the earlier revelations and connections made by George Webb, I do not watch his videos anymore. For me, I think Dave Acton has a good case as to WHY George Webb is dangerous- his videos could possibly trigger unstable people (remember Justin Woolee?) to do something dangerous and blame it on Webb; similar to how the Bundy honeytrap played out in Oregon. Very suspicious that someone would sit on a Youtube account for 8-10 years before uploading consistent content, Webb started his channel back in August 2007, not posting a video until August 2015 and not even consistently uploading until December 2016 (see day 53).

Webb’s investigation has yielded some good information despite the suspicions surrounding his motives, and not many results at least so far. Currently, Webb has moved his focus back onto organ harvesting, looks like he is in Baltimore (see video above), parting company with Jason Goodman along with Trish the Dish after their joint Seth Rich reporting to focus on their own investigations. You might think after all the attention Webb spurred with Seth Rich, not to mention all his previous content, which new viewers might stumble upon, that someone would want to silence him. There are more people watching Webb now than ever before. If Webb is revealing sensitive information that might start investigation into other areas (organ/drug/human trafficking), then wouldn’t someone try to stop Webb like they did Seth Rich? Are you safer by letting people know where you are and what you are investigating? They say information is power, but perhaps disinformation is more effective?