An Algerian chemist who migrated to Britain as a refugee in 1999 and was convicted of contaminating food, alcohol, and childrens books in 2008 cannot be deported, the Daily Mail has reported.

Sahnoun Daifallah, 50, was jailed in 2009 after spraying a mixture of his own urine and feces in a weed killer bottle on food, wine, and childrens books at four different businesses. He was also found to be in possession of a slingshot and marbles, which is apparently an “offensive weapon” under british law. The cost of the damaged goods was estimated to be just under $1 million.

A search of his house in Gloucester revealed further plans to contaminate businesses in Bristol and Birmingham.  Daifallah was sentenced to nine years in prison, and was told in 2010 that he would be deported.

But despite numerous attempts to get him out of the country, Daifallah remains in British custody, costing British taxpayers roughly the equivalent of $200,000 for the 54 months that he has been jailed. This is on top of the over $150,000 British taxpayers have spent on his legal defense. He is now one of the most expensive foreign criminals in the UK.

After five appeals and two judicial reviews, the fate of the ‘Fecal Jihadi’ still hangs in the balance. His lawyer has demanded that he be released immediately on the grounds that he has been held for so long.