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In what may be one of the most remarkable conflicts of interest that we have seen in a long time, it appears that Steven Wasserman, Assistant Attorney for the District of Columbia who is the brother of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has been tasked with overseeing the investigation of DNC IT employee Imran Awan, who was arrested earlier this week while attempting to flee the US and charged with bank fraud.


You might remember the infamous video from May where Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatens the DC police commisioner with “consequences” if he does not give back a laptop used by Awan that the police had obtained:

I wonder what was on that laptop that Debbie thought was so important?

Maybe @HouseCracka is on to something:

Meanwhile, the attorneys for Imran Awan have released the following statement blaming their clients legal troubles on “anti-Muslim bigotry”. It’s a pretty good read:

This is pretty wild stuff, and I would like to know what the heck AG Jeff Sessions is going to do about this.

The swamp is very, very deep, my friends.

  • Steve Minor

    What amazes me is how this breaking news story isn’t on CNN and MSNBC 24/7…they want to talk about Sessions all day long “Trump better not fire him”…when 6 months ago, these same people said Sessions was a horrible person/pick for AG…they just go opposite of Trumps mood or tweets…remarkable…and yet so predictable.

    • Toro

      it is very interesting how Trump can get the Left to suddenly love people they used to compare to people like hitler

    • jordanminn

      Why hasn’t AG Sessions…………….


      Steven Wasserman from this case…………….

      and then fire him for clear ethics violations????????

    • MountainMan

      Yep, CNN and MSNBC are pretty selective about what they choose to report on, aren’t they? Who he hell are they working for?

  • NotMyOwnAnymore

    Unbelievable. Praying AG Sessions steps in NOW!

    • Ken31

      Sessions won’t do squat. All Senators are swamp creatures. 17th Amendment was one of the worst assaults on the constitution in our history.

  • Knights Hawk

    Wasserman-Schultz to be given immunity without testimony in 3…2…1…

    • clicker2

      If the FBI has its way, she will likely be spared, so she won’t have to testify under oath, or rat-out Hildebeest. This whole case, is prime “swamp” territory!

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  • Walter Mayyfield

    Where has my country gone?

  • BrooklynSWAMI

    Democrats are increasingly bad bad people. Say what you want about Trump, I believe he actually cares for the country and i don’t know if I can say the same for a crook like DWS.

  • Dave Nesbitt

    Trump needs to just fire the entire government and start over.

    • MountainMan

      Unfortunately, that’s no far from the truth. It’s a long uphill battle he has. WE HAVE TO HELP HIM.

      • Dave Nesbitt

        I would literally go department by department firing 90% of the department. Do we really need the HUD or EPA or FDA? What good do they actually do?

  • putupjob

    the system isn’t rigged… nah, no way.

  • scott clark

    Joke its part of south park .
    Officer barbradies standing there telling us not to look as dems commit crimes burning down the nation

  • NCGeorgalis

    No way is her brother going to prosecute her. He will be fired by Donald before he even files his first brief.

    • Doc Hollowood

      Dream on. It will slowly go away, after it is declared absolutely off limits due to an ongoing investigation, and every democrat born since 1932 gets on TV and declares it all islamophobia.

      • SoCalPatriot

        I’m afraid you are correct. This will be slow walked by the DOJ and Capitol Police, and MSM will spike the story. The fix is in. Move along, nothing to see here.


  • Little John

    Steve Wassermann needs to recuse himself for conflict of interest!

    • Karen Buchanan-Parker

      YES. He should recuse himself.

  • Little John

    Steve Wassermann needs to recuse himself!

  • The Mainstream Media pundits such as Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman and the DNC establishment have proclaimed that any and all criticisms of Debbie Wasserman Schultz or Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton are just conspiracy theories invented by Trump supporters even though many in the left leaning progressive alternative media have been reporting on these issues for over a year. The Hillbots and Clintonite NeomCCarthyites believe any criticism of the Democrats is now tantamount to treason . For instance CNN and MSNBC keep erroneously claiming that Wikileaks is merely a surrogate of Russia and Putin and Trump. This is nonsense since not one document put out by wikileaks has been proven to be false or merely Russian Propaganda. CNN and MSNBC have even given the average citizen the notion that even reading Wikileaks website is a criminal and treasonous act. So how does one counteract such an all pervasive Propaganda campaign by the DNC and Media???

  • SnarketinaJones

    How…is this even legal? Is there some way to file a FOIA request to find out more about this conflict of interest?

    Presumably there is an office full of attorneys who could have taken the lead on this one – which makes the decision to appoint Wasserman-Schultz’s brother even more bizarre.

  • ※ Benny Cemoli ✔Gold Verified

    Meanwhile, the attorneys for Imran Awan
    have released the following statement blaming their clients legal
    troubles on “anti-Muslim bigotry”. It’s a pretty good read:

    Nah, I’ll pass. Don’t need to read the self-serving nonsense of a lawyer spouting the tired old “anti-muslim bigotry” line.

  • Spencer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Only in DC.

  • Katie Stamper

    This is complete treason and is costing the taxpayers millions with these BS investigations that turn up nothing!

    • richardwicks

      What do you think the purpose of government is?

      It’s a mafia. It’s ONLY purpose is to cost private citizens money.

      Americans are still so innocent.

  • whatwaysup

    The salubrious one Tasks the commissioner to make a plan to make a plan. The chairman congratulates both on wondrous service to humanity. In the swamp, the frogs croak at each other in code….Seth stepped in front of the DNC bus, and Debbie was driving. So many croakers flattened by that bus it gives new definition to ‘coincidence theory. ‘ Now, Steven is reported overseeing Imran’s Dulles escapade and Donald fires someone else for something else and msm wasnt looking at Imran anyway. Just like Judge Johnny with April G., and Judge Alvin with the entire 911 case load. Easy, when you know how. You can con a whole world. Just blow pixie DUST in our eyes.
    Meanwhile, beyond the “do not open” sign, Tony and John, managing the lid on their spirit cook pot; poke back the occasional arm or leg protruding,

  • vincent cuomo

    The brother should recuse himself and Sessions should appoint a special prosecutor; Rudy leaps to mind.

    • richardwicks

      HAHAHA! Innocent you. You think it’s some sort of coincidence her brother was given this case, or that Sessions has any interest in prosecuting these criminals, or that Rudy (I was mayor of NYC on 9/11) is any different.

      They are all corrupt.

      They are a mafia family. Don’t you get it yet? Sessions is never going to prosecute Clinton, or Donna Brazile, or Debbie Wasserman, or anybody. That’s why he has the job, stupid. When are you going to realize, the entire federal government is 100% corrupt?

      Sure, they lie us into wars all the time, they get hundreds of thousands of people killed, sometimes millions, they are connected to companies that make money off from wars, they are connected to companies that profit off from rebuilding the nations the US destroys. I’m sure these SOCIOPATHS can be trusted to investigate their fellow partners in crime…

      BWAHAHAHA. Americans are so naive.

  • Oliver Wendell Douglas

    Seems like everyone in D.C. Is related. Must be a bunch of inbred folks. That would explain a lot.

    • richardwicks

      You know how the members of a mafia family are all related?

      Same thing.

    • MountainMan

      Yes, it does. Our files are getting very thick and heavy.

      The Swamp is deep and heavily populate with indecent, vicious creatures who need to be exterminated. NOW.

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  • David Malone

    LMAO! Bullshit! Ever hear of conflict of interest?

  • David Malone

    Why do you people believe this crap? Don’t you thing this would make the front page of the Washington Times????

  • norinco

    OUR “BANANA REPUBLIC” at work…protecting the elite from the justice we have to face…..Life is grand in AMERIKA

  • Anne McCormack


  • taxpayer22

    The #AwanBrothers controlled the BLACKBERRY ENTERPRISE SERVER so they could monitor ALL communications! #SpyRing inside Congress

  • DemocracyRules

    The Laptop
    May show that DWS colluded with Awan to sell those secrets. That’s the simplest explanation about why DWS hired those goons, and kept them on payroll. Why else would she risk jail?

  • Bindar Dunit

    @Steve Minor/Michael Hart ….because the above story is not correct. NB: Steve Wasserman, Asst Attorney in DC is NOT prosecuting the case. Michael John Marando is prosecuting. Here’s where it got confusing. Marando is married to a JoAnna Wasserman who NO ONE has been able to confirm she is directly related to DWS. DWS does NOT have a sister. JoAnna may be a cousin. She is employed in US Holocaust Museum in education initiatives and married Marando in 2015 but no successful and actual DIRECT LINK as a relative to DWS has been established nor confirmed.

  • hotrodrobert

    Absolutely he needs to be removed. There is Uber Conflict here. Way past the normal description of Conflict of Interest. E-Mails, letters, and phone calls to the Justice Dept are needed here people. We have at hand the best chance we have ever had to expose the Democratic Parties Treason. We must get involved!!

  • Stephen Bowman

    Fuck them.

  • Mike Webster

    Just herding them into the same corral.

  • Tim Barbre

    My god is there not one Democrat with any scruples at all. He should recuse himself. Why should any man that rises to District Attorney General need someone to tell him he can’t handle a case involving his sister. If Sessions doesn’t stop this then as far as I’m concerned President Trump has every right to fire him.

  • Ghost Of Pat Tillman

    Knowing what we now know about corruption in the DOJ, perhaps we can take control of this Seth Rich case and this laptop of his helpd by Steven Wasserman.