“We Had Open Borders”: Lebanese Woman’s Chilling Warning to America


“My home country, Lebanon, was destroyed from within.” is the beginning of Brigitte Gabriel’s Tweet in which she warns America against its current open borders policy.

“Today, I fight every day to warn my new home, America, to not make the same mistakes. I can tell you firsthand the stakes have never been higher. 2018 is a fight for our sovereignty.”

Brigitte is a survivor of Islamic terrorism. For seven years she hid in a bunker with her family as radical Islamists hunted Christians in her hometown.

As a Christian, she grew up in surrounded by the daily fear of the Muslims that stalked the area. During a battle, her family was rescued and taken to Israel where she found work as a Christian journalist and managed to eventually immigrate to the US.

Due to her personal experience with Islam, she founded ACT! for America, in 2007. ACT is an anti-Muslim, pro-Christian, pro-Trump advocacy organization that combats radical Islam within America.

Her words struck a nerve with the Twitter audience. Deplorable Vet heard the wake-up call.

Jeffery Barns immediately drew the connection between Brigitte’s words and progressive Democrats.

Daniel Colclas knows his Christian history, specifically how many countries in the Middle East, like Lebanon, used to be strongly Christian but fell to invasion.

Kumar wants us to know that it’s always the same wherever Muslims go, even his country of India is battling these “infiltrators and communists.”

Lebanon was once called the “Switzerland of the Middle East” but it destroyed itself with “refugees.”

Many young people in America do not realize that things now are not how they have always been and that things do not have to be this way. We do not have to accept an ever-changing demographic, white-flight or the annihilation of our Christian culture.

Many don’t know that this battle has been fought, and lost, over and over again by countries that were once Christian and enlightened but fell into barbarism following the mass migration of Muslims into their territory.

“Christians are not guests in the Middle East,” says Father Paul Karam who is the president of Caritas, a Catholic charity, in Lebanon, to the Economist in 2016. “We are the original owners of the land.”

But those owners are disappearing.

A similar thing is happening in the US, though up until now most have chosen to walk away from Christianity, as the numbers continue to drop it leaves our American culture even more vulnerable to our open borders policies.

“2018 is a fight for our sovereignty.” says Brigitte, and boy, is she right.