Whenever another terrorist attack occurs, a Muslim apologist always comes out claiming it is not ALL Muslims. Now we can understand when they say this; they are also not denying there is at least a minority that does hold these “radical” beliefs. Conservatively, if we think of 10% or even just 5% of the total, global, Muslim population that still means there could be at least 120 Million – 60 Million, respectively, of these people. As the number of Muslims continue to grow without any meaningful, united, efforts or calls to reform Islam, we are guaranteed a rise in radical Muslims and all that comes with them. It is not that calls for reform are not happening, they are, but they do seem to be in the minority, just like the radicals they speak out against today.

You may already know that CAIR, recognized as a terrorist organization by the UAE, has links to Hamas. CAIR is one of those groups you always see on the news crying crocodile tears every time someone kills people for Islam. They say this is our fault because we are racist. If Kaffir (non-believers) weren’t so mean and racist, maybe  they wouldn’t commit terrorist attacks. Instead of using this time to make excuses, they could be using it to call for serious reform, but this will probably not happen anytime soon.

Serious reform of any religion is quite an undertaking, but it would be especially difficult for Islam. Muslims cannot be true Muslims if they dismiss any part of the Quran or the actions of Mohammed. In Islam, submission to Allah is the end goal. Submission is not surprising considering they worship the moon (linked with femininity), as opposed to sun worship tied to masculinity. It is essential to follow the laws of Allah and see Mohammed as Allah’s Messenger, who is the perfect man that all Muslims should idolize. By following the laws of Man (Bill of Rights, Constitution, etc.) you are wrong because you are not submitting to Allah, who is perfect, you are submitting to Man, who is inherently flawed. Why would any person want to submit to Man’s law that is not perfect? Surely, one would rather submit to Allah who is all knowing, all wise. Logically, altering or changing anything in the Quran does not seem possible because according to the religion, the Quran is perfect because it is directly from Allah who is perfect, who inspired a deranged illiterate to write that all down.
Eventually, people began to see Mohammed and his actions as perfect which is not surprising. His successful conquests consisted of millions slaughtered, enslaved, or converted and many Muslims benefited from acquiring wealth, new lands, and foreign women. During that time and throughout history many great leaders of men are admired and respected, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery after all, but one thing Mohammed still has on all the other leaders of his time is that many people are still dying for Mohammed and Islam even today. You don’t see anyone dying for Ghengis Khan or Julius Caesar, do you? What’s most disconcerting is that the Quran is the last revelation of Allah to Mohammed, “whose revelations are pure and uncorrupted.” Herein lies the problem, if you are unable to change something because it is already perfect, where do you go from there?