YouTube Wishes “Happy Trans Day Of Visibility” On Christian Holy Weekend


YouTube took to Twitter today announcing a day for those who are visually transgender. Many Christians are outraged due to this being on their holy weekend, due to the bible denouncing homosexuality, plastic surgery and dressing up like the opposite sex.

Many will argue that legally this is all well and good. The biggest issue with this is the double standard of claiming to be accepting of people’s religious views, YouTube has obviously not complied to their own rules and decided to bashed Christians on their international holiday. Morally, this is the equivalent of having an international bacon day on the first day of Ramadan. It is implied that the tweets was intentional, otherwise they would’ve taken it down over the outrage caused. Here are the series of tweets sent by YouTube:

YouTube has stated that transgender people have always existed throughout history, even though there is no solid proof confirming this. Many users have taken to Twitter to express their outrage over YouTube’s tweets:

Trans day of visibility is a day that celebrates the theory that it may be possible that someone can be born into the wrong body. Christians are very much against this theory as it states in the bible that God made each human perfectly. It also states that the human body and soul is God’s temple, in other words the human body is holy and cannot be altered and adjusted. 

Some argue that people must be given the right to alter their own bodies, others argue the fact that most Transgender people are chemically unbalanced and to the point of being suicidal. The point being is that if there were to be a transgender day, it respectfully shouldn’t be on the holy weekend and it should be dedicated to proper research towards the apparent mass suicide of the transgender community and getting it to stop – even if this means banning the procedure.