Given the severity of the horrific incident in Las Vegas, that claimed the lives of so many innocent Americans. It’s no surprise that many people want real answers as to the reasons and motivations behind the attack. With the mainstream media and Government officials thus far, doing a rather poor job at properly explaining the many remaining mysteries related to the case. It’s no surprise that others have attempted to step up where they have failed and answer these lingering questions.

In this past week, two major differing theories have emerged. One involves a powerful pair, backed by even more powerful big business interests working to make a profit based around a new nationwide security panic. A plan that was actually warned against online three weeks prior to the actual attack in Vegas, and we have covered previously here. With new evidence coming to light though, it’s time we took a look at the alternative take, which involves a massive arms deal gone horribly wrong.

Like most undercover U.S. arms deals, this theory involves Saudi Arabia. A country whose leaders have a large connection to Vegas. In fact just back in August, the Saudi Arabian Air Force suddenly booked an entire Vegas hotel tower in a story that went largely unnoticed at the time. Beyond that one of the leading Saudi Prince’s, owns almost a 50% stake in the Four Seasons Hotel chain including of course their Vegas location. Which just happens to actually be a special luxury hotel located on the top 5 floors of the Mandalay Bay Resort. The same location the shooter fired from.

The other key part of this explanation involves the concept that Paddock was actually an undercover gun runner for some government agency. We will go into the evidence for that claim in a moment, but let’s break down the basic concept of events being proposed. Paddock arrives in the hotel room, where he is set to meet with his foreign buyers. The room is likely set up to wiretap or record the meeting in some way. The buyer’s whether they be directly Saudi in nature or not somehow catch wind that Paddock is actually a government agent and from there things do no go as planned.

The buyers instead turn on the seller, and set up one of the greatest frame jobs in history. Firing down into the crowd to create an incredible get away distraction, and create the scene of Paddock as a lone wolf killer. Knowing full well that the official story will never be told, and any investigations held back as not to reveal his real identity as an intelligence asset. Some have suggested the attackers may have then proceeded to the Mandalay Bay Monorail station to make their escape.

While 4chan continues to focus their detective work investigating the possible links between Michael Chertoff and Sheldon Adelson to the events in Vegas. It’s lesser known and even more infamous online sibling 8chan, has worked to find evidence to support the arms deal gone wrong angle. With one user posting this breakdown of possible events.

Obviously the key to this narrative is that Paddock was really an FBI agent or other deep state organization asset. So what evidence to support that idea actually exists? There is the fact that our alleged killer does have a lengthy history of various government jobs. Including periods working for the U.S. Postal Service, Internal Revenue Service, and Department of Defense. As we know both the CIA and FBI often recruit from other Governmental agencies, its not that much of a stretch to see the possible connection. From these positions the U.S. government should have an extensive former employee file on our killer, and yet this is not something that has been brought to light. Could it be because it reveals Stephen never stopped working for the U.S. government but merely switched agencies once more? Even his prior employment before these jobs is questionable, as he once was employed by the predecessor company to noted Federal weapons contractor Lockheed Martin.

Paddocks role as a gun runner for the government would also explain the mystery of how the 64 year old was able to bring an entire arsenal of heavy weapons into his hotel room to begin with. A feat many have suggested should have been impossible under normal circumstances. Federal help and the complicity of hotel management would explain that quite easily enough though.

Finally there is the fact that the FBI seems determined to hamper and control the investigations being made by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at every turn. Even Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo admitting he can’t comment on a motive because “The FBI took all digital and electronic evidence into custody and is evaluating.

Who knows what the real truth is, or if we will ever know it conclusively. Regardless of whether it was a carefully orchestrated operation meant to ensure our freedoms are even more thoroughly stripped from us. Or yet another example of Deep State intelligence disavowing one of it’s own like the above lays out. Or even as the President suggested, just an act of lone evil. It is important to keep asking questions. Only by doing so is there any chance for the truth to be revealed, and it’s only those that want said truth to stay hidden that would ever think looking at all the possibilities is something to be discouraged.


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