Who is Q? 

On November 17, 2017, actress and former presidential candidate Roseanne Barr tweeted out some questions about the identity known only as “Q.” Moments after tweeting simply, “Who is Q?”, both Barr’s Twitter account and personal website were taken down.

Although many readers may be familiar with the deeper, more intricate parts of the internet, the context behind the character of must be surveyed before one can begin to grasp at straws. 

originates from the online imageboard 4chan, where users can post anonymously or with a temporary user name along. On this imageboard are multiple “threads,” spanning across various genres and topics for discussion. Although the entire platform is often vilified as racist or as though possessing a nefarious ulterior motive, there are many imageboards that have nothing to do with politics. For example, /po/ is dedicated to papercraft and origami, /vp/ is dedicated to Pokémon, and /lgbt/ is a platform of discussion for homosexual and transgendered individuals. Unfortunately, 4chan gets a notoriously bad rap due to the unforgiving, brutal, and often malevolent attitude and practices of users on /pol/

/pol/ is 4chan’s imageboard that has been around since 2011, and is an abbreviation for the imageboard’s full name: “Politically Incorrect.” It is within this particular digital space that we found Q.

Because of this factor alone, virtually anybody could be Q. It is not necessarily true that this identity is a single person, as a variety of users could post to 4chan with the user name. 

The latter part, “Anon,” comes from the word “anonymous,” and is usually employed as a title for 4chan posters. 

For the most part, is seen posting on /pol/.

Moving forward, let’s look back to October 31, 2017. On this date, a 4chan user posted “a massive list of questions on /pol/, implying that a massive operation was being undertaken in order to clean up the US Gov’t,” according to one user. “He claimed that three (used to be four) major families were controlling the corrupt parts of the US government. He also claimed that on the Third of November, Podesta would be indicted, and on the sixth of Nobember, Huma would be indicted. After that, he said that on Friday and Saturday (implying the 3rd and 4th of November, respectively), Trump would deliver on the MAGA promise… He said that, ‘I can hint and point but cannot give too many highly classified data points. These keywords and questions are framed to reduce sniffer programs that continually absorb and analyze data.” 

According to many 4chan users, this event was one of the first appearances of Q, who would appear again on November 1. 

“On the First of November, a person claiming to have Q-level security clearance posted a large amount of information pertaining to the retaking of America from the Deep State/Swamp. He claimed that Public riots were being organized to act as living shields to prevent the arrest of senior public officials. Due to the disorder that would inevitably be caused by such an action, he claimed that POTUS would declare Martial Law to capture these individuals. He then posted the following sequence of numbers, ‘4, 10, 20.’ After that, he posted a series of more questions under the same lines as the previous, and then asked us to, “Prepare messages of reassurance based on what was dropped here to spread on different platforms.” 

4, 10, and 20, when correlated to the letters of the alphabet, come out to: D, J, and T, which many users have taken as a reference to President Donald J. Trump. 

Users point out that it is interesting to note that the person posting as Q has almost always referred to themselves in plurality and almost never in singularity (i.e., “we,” not, “I“). 

On November 4, 2017, began to ask questions in his standard format on the topic of Saudi Arabia. “He implied that what happened in Saudi Arabia would happen to the US. One Anon made the connection of the Abdulaziz family to one of the four families mentioned previously, which Q all but confirmed.” 

On November 5, 2017, Q began to ask questions about the recent Las Vegas shooting, implying that Obama had been “groomed to be the 44th President… After that, Q asked us about who owns controlling shares in major media and popular internet websites.” The answer being, of course, the recently arrested Saudi prince al-Waleed, who owned massive amounts of shares in Twitter, news outlets (including FOX), and even owned floors of the hotel where gunman Stephen Paddock killed over 100 civilians. Al-Waleed had also assisted in funding Obama’s education at Harvard University. 

On November 16, 2017, a midair collision between two aerial vehicles occurred over a home belonging to the Rothschild family, killing four. However, three days prior, had made yet another post on /pol/, stating the following: 

“Distress Cal[L]s to others will [d]o you/family no good at this stage. We know whe[R]e you/the family are at all times and can hear you breathing. -Q.” 

The brackets around the letters Ld, and R in Q‘s message were decoded by journalist Liz Corkin as possibly referring to Lynne de Rothschild, meaning that this was a threat made by Q

The identity behind the name, or rather, the letter, predicting (usually accurately) significant international socio-political events is unknown, and will likely always be a mystery due to the anonymity that the internet can provide. However, the ongoing speculation regarding exactly who Q is and how he/she/they have access to incredibly compromising information is far from over. 

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