A Critique Of Jordan Peterson, and Why Is He The Only Right Wing Personality That The Media Promotes


First I want to start off by saying that this is not a hit piece on Jordan Peterson. It is simply a critique of just one part of his philosophical, political ideology. And that part is the ideology of complete individualism.

While there are many reasons why I like Jordan Peterson. I think that he’s not only very insightful but he does it in an entertaining way as well, and I have learned many philosophical ideas from him. But as with everyone, they are some parts of his ideology I disagree with.

Usually, though because of the fact that you’ll never agree with anybody 100% of the time all of the time, I don’t bother to nitpick and critique that one part I disagree with. But unfortunately, I feel like this particular issue is too fundamental and too important of a topic in today’s world to not point out.

Because as of late Jordan Peterson has enjoyed a certain level of stardom which is very rare for these online right-wing personalities to get in the mainstream media. So why is it that Jordan Peterson, who although is one of the more popular personalities, was the one that the media promotes. I think it is precisely because of his views on individualism why he was selected.

You see I think the left wing moguls who control all of the media have realized that there is a right-wing revolt going on, and at first, they tried to squash it out to get rid of it, but I think now they realized it wasn’t going to go away. So they decided that the best strategy would be to hijack the movement. Allow them certain parts of the ideology but none of the fundamental critical ones. So that they would be like the mainstream conservative parties which we have seen are completely ineffective in stopping the left-wing cultural Marxist takeover of society.

But now let’s get to the actual point of individualism and what I disagree with Jordan Peterson in particular about it. To start with the term individualism is a very broad statement. So to say your anti or pro-individualism is really a broad statement. Individualism has many subcategories and different ideas of exactly how independent each individual has to be from one another in order to be individualism. So I’m not saying that I’m anti-individualist because I do believe that individuals should be independent of one another to a certain point. My beef with Jordan Peterson has to do with his views on identity politics.

You see Jordan Peterson views identity politics as just a tactic used by opportunists to play on a primitive tribal instinct in humans in order to promote themselves. So he thinks that all of humanity can just put aside this nature because it’s not an intrinsic nature of humanity. So he promotes the idea of not working politically as a tribal group with a United identity, but instead take more abstract ideas and divide ourselves through these instead.

The first part that is flawed with this thinking is the belief that genetics has nothing to do with political ideas. There have been numerous twin studies, which Jordan Peterson himself says that twin studies are reliable sources, that show that at least 40% of political beliefs is genetic. Another flawed part of this is the belief that these more abstract economic factors are what people use as the focal point of their voting habits.

When this is not true a survey done in the 2012 US election showed that even among black people who believed in conservative political ideas such as being against wealth redistribution and pro-small government 98% of them still voted for Obama and 62% of Hispanics who identified with these conservative ideas voted for Obama as well. Although these numbers were obviously slightly higher because of the fact that Obama was actually black. The fact is minorities still by a vast majority vote for these Democratic parties even when they have conservatives values. Why because people tend to vote culturally and societally before these other more abstract ideas that Jordan Peterson thinks they focus on.

So even if you get all these minorities to believe these abstract ideas of individualism and small government they would still vote for these left-wing politicians. Why, because they promote their cultural takeover of white culture.

So it’s like communism in the sense that people say communism just hasn’t been implemented the right way otherwise it would work. When the point is that there is no way to actually implement in the real world communism and actually have it work. Because it’s a system that goes against human nature and is too easy to take advantage of. The same premise applies with this type of absolute individualism every time we implemented it all that happened was the group that adheres to these ideas simply lost control of their culture and society to groups that work as a collective unit.

Again this is not a complete criticism of Jordan Peterson he actually has a lot of great beliefs when it comes to race relations. For instance, he fights against the idea of sameness among the races. That is to say, he does talk about how the races are different and these differences are just the inherent nature of those races and is not the fault of some sort of oppression. It’s just that he doesn’t believe there is a connection between races and the society and culture they create. So he rails against those who do point out that there is a strange phenomenon in humans where races create different civilizations and have different values and that it’s just an intrinsic part of human nature.