A.I. Rigged the Elections, Not Russia

All of the evidence we have that points to Russia tampering with our elections funnels through one man – who was previously forced to resign for lying to the American public over NSA spy tactics.

Artificial intelligence is used to manipulate the financial markets, our social media, web browsing experience – becoming smarter as they consume more data. 

Where did this whole ‘Russia rigging the election’ narrative come from?

It begins with leaked DNC (Democratic National Convention) emails through Wikileaks confirming Democrats have rigged the primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. 

Democrats Are Caught Rigging the Primary and Blame the RussiansRather than owning up to the corruption exposed, the DNC and Clinton campaign deferred to a relatively common political tactic: blame someone else.

Clinton campaign manager on DNC leak: Experts say “Russians are releasing these emails” to help Trump #CNNSOTU https://t.co/GwJhloosPs

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) July 24, 2016

Russia rigged the election by providing evidence the Democrats rigged the election. 

Debbie Wasserman SchulzWhat exactly is the evidence that links Russia to our supposedly hacked presidential election.

1. We have Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s testimony: 

“It was only the Russians,” Clapper told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “And they did so very aggressively and effectively.”

He came to this conclusion through extensive intelligence reporting performed by two dozen or so analysts who were given unfettered access to anything they needed. 

The declassified version of this report “does not and cannot include the full supporting information, including specific intelligence and sources and methods.”

So basically only he can see the intel. 

Clapper is the verbal representation of the 17 intelligence agencies that has become the mainstream media backbone of evidence against Russia – except that Clapper quickly changes this to 3 agencies: CIA, NSA and the FBI. 

clapper - liarThis is the same man who in 2013 claimed the NSA was not spying on millions of Americans. 

This forced him to resign prior to testifying against Russian involvement in the 2016 election.

2. A leaked document from the NSA that represents only one point of evidence and includes no real intelligence supporting claims that Russia performed cyber attacks. 

3. The tools used to hack the DNC are linked to known Russian hackers. They ‘accidentally’ left behind some Russian language metadata, including error messages in the leaked emails that are printed in Russian.

Image result for guccifer equals luciferSuch clumsy hackers – leaving behind a plethora of evidence. 

4. The leaker of the DNC emails is known as Guccifer 2.0, claiming to be Romanian, but doesn’t speak the language. He must therefore be Russian, right?


Put simply, there is no evidence that Russia was behind the hacks.

Shortly after Trump’s victory, five executives including Debbie Wasserman Schulz were forced to resign. Two young whistleblowers, Shawn Lucas and Seth Rich, died – one from causes still unknown, the other clearly murdered

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The CIA Becomes Exposed

Wikileaks goes on to release more documents – one particular batch known as Vault 7. In a section titled “Umbrage” lies a layout of the CIA’s ability to impersonate cyber attack techniques, making it look like anyone made the hack. These tools are available to the public. 

The CIA could have hacked the DNC and made it look like Russia … if they wanted to – and now anyone can do this. 

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson during an Aug. 15 call with state election officials, offered states DHS services that can inspect voting systems for bugs and other hacker entryways. Earlier in the month, he also suggested the federal government label election systems as official U.S. critical infrastructure – like the financial structure – like the power grid. 

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp told the Nextgov news service in an email that he worried “the federal government will subvert the Constitution to achieve the goal of federalizing elections under the guise of security.”

Connecting Everything to the Grid

DOW Flash Crash on May 6th 2010The financial system has become consumed by self learning bots. They trick each other into sell-offs that create price dips. Known as flash trading this causes stocks to plummet and rebound in seconds.

Create the dip, buy back the dip, make billions. Human traders no longer stand a chance.

A.I controls the stock/crypto markets. 

An A.I. system accurately predicted Donald Trump’s win at a time when no one expected it, simply by analyzing our social media. It is 3/3 in guessing the last three presidential elections. 

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Corporate PowerFor years tech giants, such as Google – along with social media giants like Facebook, have been harvesting our data and feeding it to their algorithmic programs. These programs are forms of artificial intelligence, evolving as they feed – exactly like the bots controlling the financial markets. 

With this technology, our corporate masters alter our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors in their favor – yet technically, A.I. has ultimate control. 


Polling Machines Have Long Been Compromised. 

  • Newsweek exposes how easy it is for voting machines to get hacked. 
  • Cyber attacks affected the presidential outcome of 2008. 
  • Numerous controversies exist around the 2004 election, whether ineligible voters were registered, whether voters were registered multiple times, and whether the votes cast had been correctly counted. 
  • Lastly there was the infamous Florida recount debacles of 1996 and 2000 where polling machines in Palm Beach were tampered with. 

Voting machines have been a hackers playground for decades now. Imagine what a self evolving living algorithm can do to it – has done to it? 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. A.I. evolution is unfolding all around us. 

Down the Rabbit Hole

We already live in a conscious simulation, leading one to the conclusion of an ancient artificial intelligence at play … the mind behind the matrix, as Max Planck coined it. 

Is this entity recruiting our young budding A.I.’s into its fold?

Or perhaps there is a war unfolding – a hierarchy carving itself – human entrepreneurs who have come to understand our prison warden attempting to break us free from the matrix? 

Do the central banks, government entities, and tech corporations that yield this technology still control it? Or has their algorithms evolved past them, which they eventually will. 

We stand upon the precipice of singularity: where biological and synthetic become indecipherable – and not for the first time

Now is the time to realize who you are, what consciousness can do … 

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