American Women, You’re Being Replaced by Women Willing to be Traditional


Joshua Holt and his wife have been released following a two-year stint in a Venezuelan prison. Jared, an American Mormon, traveled to Venezuela to marry a woman he met online. 

Lex 18 reports: “Holt had gone to Venezuela in June 2016 to marry a woman he met online while looking for Spanish-speaking Mormons who could help him improve his Spanish. He was arrested on suspicion of weapons charges.”

After an active campaign, led by his mother, Jared and his wife are thankfully free and on their way home but what are the cultural forces at play here?

Nearly all active, Mormon, American men serve missions for their church in their early 20s. A huge portion of these missions are served in South America. 

While in South America they learn a lot about the culture and in the two years that they serve as missionaries they become fluent in the language. 

This makes it very tempting to either marry a South American woman that they meet on their mission or go on dating sites for South American Mormons, once back from their mission, and shop for a bride. 

This is an increasingly tempting option for men because American women, including Mormon women, have turned to liberalism and feminism. The selection of homegrown women has become very unappealing. 

Feminist, Mormon, American, women spew social justice warrior talking points, embrace a sexually liberated culture (flying in the face of the standards of their church), as well as promoting homosexuality and women’s ordination. 

These women have no interest in becoming wives or mothers and hence, many Mormon men who are looking to simply fall in love, be respected, care for their wives, and have a traditional family, are not interested in marrying these new, millennial, Mormon, feminists. 

But what will this mean for Mormonism going forward? It’s hard to blame these men for taking the easy way out and marrying a sweet, kind, traditional, South American woman, but taking the easy way has its consequences for their whole society. 

Increasingly the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian-German based American Mormon culture will give way to Latin American culture. Funeral potatoes will be replaced by tortillas. Prayers in English will give way to Spanish. Mass migration through open borders as well as marriage changes a people and a culture forever. 

When all is said and done, Latin American Mormons will still have their culture in Latin America but American Mormon culture, and its women, will be changed and gone forever. 


This is one example, of hundreds, across the Western world which highlights how feminism is so destructive to its host culture, in fact, it kills it. 

Feminist policies weaken our borders politically but feminism also makes women undesirable to men. Once they cannot find good men, they try to save their pride by claiming they do not want a man or even children.

The more they vocalize this desire the less attractive to men they become and the men are forced into two choices; step outside their culture, country or race in order to find a wife or choose to stay single and die alone.

Most men do not want to die alone, never having had children. 

So, to South America they go. 

It’s a huge relief that Joshua and his wife have been freed from what must have been an unspeakably horrible two years. Their strength and fortitude during this trying time, as well as the strength of their family is admirable.

However, let’s get to the root of this issue and look toward the inevitable future it creates. It’s time to open up the conversation about what America is losing through its promotion of feminism and whether or not, as a culture, we should try harder to save and restore the daughters of America?

Should we keep letting American women hurdle toward a future of dying off with no family and no posterity? Or should we rise up as a culture, try to reverse the feminist trend and make American women great again?