How much has changed in 25 years? Americans pride themselves of the freedom of speech protected by the Constitution, but in recent years many more people are starting to question if this still applies.

The clusterfuck at the Unite the Right Rally in Virginia is just the most recent example of this. A group of people organized a peaceful protest to protect a statue. How well did that work out by the way?

This article from the New York Slime reports on a similar rally 25 years ago.

“BIRMINGHAM, Ala., June 13— Under grey, threatening skies and the watchful gaze of hundreds of law-enforcement officers in riot gear, about 60 white separatist skinheads and Klansmen marched through downtown today and held a rally at the city’s Confederate monument.”

Confederate monument gathering place. Notice the use of “skinheads”, “klansman”, this has since been replaced by Nazi or Fascist. Otherwise, seems like the same rally with fewer people, violence and chaos would break out, right?

“Bill Riccio, a 34-year-old commander in the National Aryan Front, said the rally and march were designed to call attention to the fact that ‘Alabama has been designated as a white homeland.'”

There was no violence. But three black men were arrested as a phalanx of more than 50 tactical squad officers used raised nightsticks to clear a street of onlookers to make way for a motorcade of skinheads and their supporters leaving the rally. One was charged with harassment; the other two were charged with disorderly conduct.”

What’s that? Police beat people with nightsticks to clear the street for Nazis, and no one died? Well, it appears 25 years has changed a lot.

“Danny Welch, director of Klanwatch, an arm of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala., said the loose alliance of skinheads and Klansmen had migrated to Birmingham from surrounding states.
Former Mayor David Vann agreed, saying, ‘They’ve come to Birmingham to get some play out of the past public images.'”

Is “Klanwatch” even around anymore?

“Extensive preparations by the police, including mazes of chain-link fence and barricades, prevented anyone other than the marchers from the National Aryan Front, the Confederate Hammer Skinheads and the Aryan White Knights from hearing speeches at the Confederate monument.”

Police prepared extensively for Charlottesville, but not the kind used 25 years ago.

You just gonna stand there officer?

“The skinheads carried Nazi and Confederate flags and occasionally shouted ‘Sieg Heil!’ at the hundreds of onlookers. They were surrounded by police during the milelong march from the Jefferson County Courthouse through downtown to Linn Park.”

Very interesting the skinheads aren’t called “Nazis”.

“A counterdemonstration by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement followed the skinheads along the sidewalk and shouted, ‘Hey, hey, ho, ho, racist crackers gotta go!’”

The chants haven’t changed either and with 25 years to come up with something better, the Left gets an F, for Faggot.

“A spokesman for the Confederate Hammer Skinheads, 18-year-old Adam Galleon, from Jacksonville, Fla., gave his view of the march by saying, ‘Hopefully, it’ll be violent.’”

Sounds like an FBI agent or seriously misguided teen angst and frustration.

“Others among the hundreds of onlookers, including members of Birmingham’s black youth gangs, were equally blunt. ‘I want to put my ruler to his head and see the whiteness of his eyes when he dies,’ said a man who would identify himself only as Homicidal and said he was a member of the Crips gang.’”

OK, maybe people were just a lot more violent in general 25 years ago. If Unite The Right happened then, the event would have transpired quite differently. There probably would be lots of arrests, but the situation would be kept in check.

All of the deaths which transpired are a result of Antifa and their thuggish tactics. If they hadn’t attacked that car, he wouldn’t have hit protestors.

Apparently, the police were a lot more helpful in protecting our rights under the Constitution, but that’s all behind us now at this point. Of course, things might have turned out differently if the government of Virginia wasn’t in The Elite’s pocket.

What happened, happened, and no one can change that. Organizing in public has proven to be increasingly risky for everyone, with the threat of arrest or injury most would shy away from it. Of course, it is possible have private gatherings on private land so participants could assemble without fear of arrest or injury.

You would think a leader in the “Alt-Right” would utilize his thousands of acres of private farmland to host such an event, so followers would be free from injury.

At the same time, running away from everything has never solved the problem. What are people to do? Perhaps it is getting to a point where a serious conflict or many scattered conflicts will emerge, of course, this is all by design, so the Elite can make money and take away our rights.

By accepting the basic bitch left-right paradigm as an absolute, no matter how “Alt” it may be, people fall into groupthink, which leads to becoming ensnared by the traps set, and this isn’t their fault necessarily. The brainwashing is quite powerful, hard to break, especially when the younger generations are born into the pot at 100F; it just feels normal. People need to think outside the box and jump out of the pot.

So much of what preserves our society and cultures are at stake. The removal of monuments, degradation of American culture and identity, a concentrated demoralization of the population through pornography and drugs, all add up to a very bad time for everyone, except the Elite, who profit and feed off this despair and pain.

All of this leads up to the coming engineered civil conflict that could very well sever the last threads our civil society hangs by, exactly as its architects intended.

So yeah, a lot has changed in 25 years and it doesn’t look good.