It seems odd that there were no police present at this destruction of property, although looking at how things transpired at the rally this past Saturday, maybe it isn’t so surprising.

Most people might have thought this whole Charlottesville thing would blow over, in fact it hasn’t. It seems to be accelerating at a rapid pace, well into the normal Mon-Fri grind, and appropriately so considering most of these ANTIFA thugs are paid to protest.

Aside from the Durham incident, there are protests at Trump Tower and in Seattle.

If you follow the migrant crisis aka Islamic invasion, going on in Europe, you may also notice some of the same things like the video below.


Putting these two things together results in something that looks like this:


There is…a lot of irony going on here. It’s almost just too much, especially with the disgusting calls for “WHITE SHARIA NOW” at the Unite The Right Honeytrap, as well as by some of the “leaders” of the psyop known as the Alt-Right, don’t misunderstand, ANTIFA is the same psyop- two sides of the same coin.

Perhaps both movements are becoming so progressive and multicultural they are taking a cue from Muslims...and they say these groups are intolerant!

Both sides have grievances, although they are both being used for greater ends than themselves. The financiers of both sides will stand to profit in some ways from the ensuing chaos (Civil War anyone?), or at least from overpriced merch or trite, low energy, books.

Here’s a classic, if you need a refresher, or maybe you are new to these whole scenarios, but the people that run society, are there every step of the way.

With manufactured events broadcasted and parroted on Lame Stream Media, to all the people who listen, from the Boston Marathon Bombing, to Sandy Hookit’s all fake folks!

A process decades in the making, which is about to culminate at this turning point for our society. Before the next event, if you care to go, be sure to protect yourself from physical threats, but also be aware of psychological threats

Be aware that no one at these events in really in control, they just react when the strings are pulled. Its not likely that any of these protestors would support ISIS and their tactics, but they show up and do the same things anyway because they are TOLD to, so is the state of our society.


Author’s Note: I want to thank the Anon who spliced the ISIS and Durham footage together with that dope Allah music. THANK YOU!