Arrested Over a Tweet: The Nazi Media Wages War on Civilians


Epileptic “Journalist” Kurt Eischenwald sues Twitter user despite peacemaking attempts.

Everyone the Media Dislikes is Hitler

The lying media has spent over a year hypnotizing President Trump’s opponents to believe that he is a fascist dictator forged in the flames of Nazi tyranny. The boring and unoriginal fake news “journalists” refer to Trump as a “demagogue” who used “hateful rhetoric” to warp voters’ minds (along with the help of Russian bogeymen) to coerce them into electing him as their eternal Führer.

What is most alarming is how many people believe this crackpot theory. To validate their point, they draw asinine analogies between Trump and Hitler, such as crowd size or enthusiasm. When Trump talks about acting upon the best interests of Americans (which is exactly what his job requires), they speak as if he is prepared to round up every non-white in America into giant death camps. But what is the media’s primary argument for equating Trump to Hitler?

He fights back.

Trump defends himself when they dishonestly and relentlessly attack him. The cycle goes like this: the media attacks Trump, Trumps defends himself, and the media responds by equating him to Hitler. They use this exact same method to dismiss civilians who wish to defend themselves from the pervading influence of invading, anti-American cultures.

The irony, of course, is that the media and their leftist bedfellows are the actual tyrants in this scenario. They advocate ruthlessly for gun control. They have rioted, broken up political rallies, and committed obscene acts of violence in their effort to suppress free speech. And if you dare disagree with their narrative they will smear and misrepresent you in an effort to dismiss you.

Trigger Warning

Kurt Eichenwald is one such journalist. He has perpetually and dishonestly criticized Trump. In December of 2016 he fabricated a story that Trump had spent time in a mental hospital. Eichenwald is not only an irresponsible “journalist,” he is also an irresponsible epileptic.

Wesearchr reports that in December of 2016, Kurt suffered a seizure after he had — against doctor’s orders — consumed alcohol, deprived himself of sleep, and failed to take his epilepsy medication. This cocktail of irresponsible behaviors created a fertile environment for a seizure. All that was needed was a trigger.

Still of the GIF posted to Eichenwald. The GIF flashes like a strobe light with the same image in a red and yellow scheme.

A savvy Twitter user with a condition like Eichenwald’s should have been sensible enough to disable GIFs and animations in his Twitter feed, a feature availed to all users. On December 15, 2016, Twitter user John Rivello (posting under the pseudonym “Ari Goldstein” via the handle “@Jew_Goldstein”) posted a flashing GIF to Kurt Eichenwalds’ Twitter feed.

The GIF reads “YOU DESERVE A SEIZURE FOR YOUR POSTS.” Eichenwald and his wife allege that Kurt suffered an epileptic seizure after viewing the the animated GIF. His wife took to his Twitter handle to inform the public that she had contacted the police to report an assault.

The following day, Eichenwald posted from his Twitter account that he was “taking a short break from Twitter” and pursuing penal action against @Jew_Goldstein, who was anonymous at the time. On Friday, March 17, 2017, the FBI arrested John Rivello on a cyberstalking charge at his home in Maryland. How was Rivello’s identity uncovered?

As it turns out, Rivello felt legitimate remorse for the trouble he caused Eichenwald. Wesearchr reports that:

Eichenwald obtained John’s real name through a charity he had donated to in his name. John had donated to an epilepsy charity as a gesture of goodwill and as an apology to Kurt. He also wrote Kurt an email, apologizing and told him that he was donating to the charity in his name.”

The Future of Free Speech

For Kurt Eichenwald, a sincere apology was not enough. So he used his influence to have the State help to settle his vendetta. John Rivello learned his lesson the hard way that nobody should ever, under any circumstances, avail their true identity in a scenario such as this. Wesearchr continues:

For months now, John Rivello has been swamped with legal fees so his friends are starting this bounty in the hopes to ease the financial burden. Why? If this goes to trial, it will redefine “trolling” and what it means to troll online. John can’t go to prison for tweeting a gif at Eichenwald.”

While one may argue that Rivello was unkind to post a GIF to Eichenwald’s Twitter feed, his arrest sends to everyone a disturbing reminder of where free speech is headed in America. Eichenwald pretends to view Rivello’s malicious tweeting as a standard case of assault. It is far bigger than that. Whatever transpires from Rivello’s legal battle will have a direct impact on the future of free speech.

Fortunately, many are coming to John Rivello’s aid with the help of Wesearchr (who have assisted others in their own legal battles). To anyone who wishes to support Rivello, they can do so by donating to the “Jew Goldstein Legal Defense Fund.” For further reading on this case, see lawyer Keith Lee’s throughly researched, five-part series on the case- “Assault With a Deadly Twitter.”


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