Late last night a sudden power outage shut down the world’s busiest airport. With the outage leading to both the FAA and Atlanta’s mayor ordering the suspension and grounding of all flights going both in an out of the airport while work was done to restore power. However the internet detectives over at 4chan have noticed one interesting piece of the story that no one in the mainstream press seems to want to mention. That right in the middle of this over 12 hour supposedly complete air traffic shut down, a single plane was mysteriously allowed to leave the airport. Which leaves us with an obvious question. Just what was so special about this lone permitted flight?


The plane in question 4X-ICB, is a cargo plane that arrived in Atlanta from Mexico City at 1:00 PM, just literal minutes before the alleged power problems began to make the airport go dark. The plane would then go on to leave for its next destination at 6:27 PM, right in the middle of the blackout that ran from about one to midnight. With the official record indicating that the first flight post blackout was not allowed to take off from the airport until 12:56 AM the next day, how then how do we account for our mystery flight?The cargo plane in question is owned by Cal Cargo Airlines. A Jewish owned company based out of Israel who specializes in the transportation of nonstandard cargo such as, live animals and dangerous goods.

The company’s leadership also has clear connections to the Israeli government. This includes it’s Vice Chairman Muli Ravini, who previously served as Assistant to the Director General at the Ministry of Finance in Israel.Even more suspicious though is that Cal Airlines owns another business known as LACHS. A company who operates at the Atlanta airport, loading and offloading cargo planes. Most importantly LACHS boasts the ability to load and unload places without the presence of a customs agent. Meaning no one outside the companies own employees were aware of what was inside the plane as it either landed in or took off from the airport. 

So to sum this up so far. An unprecedented power outage occurs at the busiest airport in the world. Despite the airport having backup generators for just this occasion that mysteriously somehow went out at the same time. Minutes before the blackout, a cargo plane from Mexico City arrives at the airport. Due to a special customs arrangement, it is not boarded by security or customs officials. Then approximately 5 hours later, despite all flight having been ordered grounded by both the cities mayor and the FAA, the flight leaves for its next destination.

With so little clear information to go on, it’s of no surprise the theories as to just what was likely inside the plane are diverse. Though most seem inclined to believe the likeliest motivation for such an elaborate ruse, would have been to get weapons out of the country, and most likely into Israel. Of course it’s worth noting that this this is hardly the first Israeli cargo plane to have mysterious circumstances surrounding it. As all the way back in 1992, the crash of flight El Al Flight 1862 caused quite a stir when it was revealed to have been secretly carrying the ingredients for sarin nerve gas.By far the most popular suggestion is that this blackout was part of an operation to discreetly move some W80 variable yield nuclear warheads out of the country, and into the hands of the Israeli’s. The power outage being a necessary part of the ruse to blind nuclear detection devices that are standard at all major airports. The belief being this was all done to discreetly arm our military ally in a region where the current situation is becoming increasingly unstable and hostile. One user in particular breaks down a complete scenario, which also makes reference to the not widely known 2007 Bent Spear Incident. Where a number of W80 Nuclear Warheads were mistakenly transported on a cargo plane, and off the grid for over 36 hours.Whatever the truth of the matter is. It’s both intriguing and disturbing that no mainstream media outlet will likely investigate or question just why this one plane was allowed to leave the airport during yesterday’s outage. Even if there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, we now live in a world where establishment journalists can’t be trusted to investigate a possible lead enough to deliver it to us. Certainly a story like this is worth taking a second look at. Especially when you consider the other odd elements to it, such as the fact an eerily similar fire drill got out of hand just over a week ago at the airport. Which quite possibly contributed to the slow response by officials to recognize the true nature and severity of yesterdays fire that officially at least, caused the outage in the first place. 

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  • MakeItReign

    Whay am I not surprised. Jews again

    • billy G

      No racism here!

      • Resist_Tyranny

        “Jew” is not a race.

        • billy G

          Now that is a real defense for a repugnant statement!

          • Resist_Tyranny

            Not a defense for anything but the truth. Try to stick to the facts with your hate.

          • billy G

            My hate? Wow!!!!!!!!!!! You are delusiomal!

          • agnostic conservative

            Nothing “repugnant” at all about his statement. The Israelis aren’t to be called “Jews” now? Just stop. There’s plenty of real anti-Semitism out there, without making it up.

        • In fact in ancient times Jews were tried geographically to a region, Judea. The great irony today is that your average Palestinian literally has more “Jewish blood” (they share “80% the same chromosomal gene pool” *study Genetics, 2000) than the European converts/transplants. That aside, anti-discrimination laws are defined as ‘race, creed, sexual orientation, etc.’ For this reason, and bc of its nature the word “racism” is generally synonymous with ‘discrimination.’

        • De Plorabus Unum

          It is a race. I have actual Ashkenazi DNA and verified by 23andMe. It’s a race.

          • Victory

            it is not a race – it is a hybrid

          • AmericanFaith

            all other races are hybrid…

          • bonniebluejeanne

            … meaning we all have DNA from aliens who visited our planet?

          • Bogdan Weiss

            What do you call someone who makes false claims that they belong to a “race” that isn’t ? BS

          • Pat Enery

            23&Me & a few of the other DNA ancestry businesses are owned by Jews. Possible skewing?

        • bluefishlady

          Can we please make the appropriate distinction between Zionists and Jews ?

          • bonniebluejeanne

            Surely. Read what I replied to “victory” about a foot down these posts.

          • Pat Enery

            Really not much difference between Zionists & Talmudic Jews. One is just an offshoot of the Synagogue of Satan.

        • MakeItReign

          I am by far not anti-Semitic. But there does seem to be theme here:
          Nasser ( USA Gymnastics)
          Shall we continue??

        • Lord of the Gulf Stream

          Somehow, they use DNA tests in Isntreal for membership in the Tribe.

        • EGG BALLS(the hoes know)

          yes it is…..only when jews get scared do they deny they are a race.

      • The only “racism” worth talking about is Jewish racism.

      • MakeItReign

        Just facts my friend.

    • De Plorabus Unum

      Israel is the only democracy in that region and why we must, as a nation, stand behind them.

      • LadyRedMane

        In addition to the fact that God told Abraham in reference to the descendants he would have . . . “I will bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee.”

        Saying you don’t believe in God or care for the Jews doesn’t change the outcome – anymore than saying you don’t believe in gravity and proceed to jump off the Empire State Building. All you do is prove God right and yourself a fool.

        • zarnubius

          Then the New Testament happened

        • Rob Crocker

          The present jews are NOT abrahams seed. Dontchaknowthat???

          • MakeItReign

            Right. They are satan
            ( Moloch)worshipping Zionists

          • Franck Sasser

            Got my seed at Wal Mart last year. Think it was genetically modified.

        • truth hertz

          The “seed” God is talking about is Jesus Christ, it has absolutely nothing to do with the illegitimate state of Israel. Mis-informed Christian Zionist will be the death of us all in America as they blindly worship Israel, the last Anti-Christ.

        • Pat Enery

          Another believer of the Scofield bible heresy. God has a punishment for those who twist his word. Zionist authored footnotes promoted by a charlatan doesn’t change the outcome either.

      • Victory

        Jacobs name was changed to Israel so Israel True Israel is a bloodline NOT a land mass and the jews do not have that bloodline. Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9 is very clear who they are.

        • bonniebluejeanne

          Agree! – Zionist fake jews originally lived in Khazaria circa 340AD. They migrated & ended up becoming the money changers of our planet… better known as the Illuminati (ie., those who control what events are going to occur on our planet and when, be it a world war, a torpedoed ship, a 10 yr long economic depression, 3 collapsed NY buildings, 25 first-graders shot in their classroom, Paris subway hit with sarin gas, a Trojan horse Manchurian candidate, a few engineered hurricanes and/or tsunamis, etc.)

          After the UN was created (their idea, too) it decreed to the jews the land where the ancient Israelites lived. Palestinians had been living in dwellings on that land for centuries after the Israelites went into the desert. But the fake jews arrived and literally kicked them out on their arses. There are lots of semites in that area, but they certainly aren’t represented in what God called “the synagog of satan”. – – – No wonder both sides can never get along! . .

          • Are you an alt-left or a muslim? You spew the same propaganda as they do!

          • Deathdefiant

            “After the UN was created (their idea, too) it decreed to the jews the land where the ancient Israelites lived.”

            That decision was made before the UN was established. It was made in the Balfour Declaration of 1917, between the British government and the Rothschild family. Rothschild manipulates US media to get Americans into WWI to rescue Britain from Germany, Britain agrees to be the military might behind the Zionist imperialization of Palestine.

            This is why you can find both Pro and anti German headlines from American newspapers in WWI. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was the impetus for America’s involvement in WWI.

            The Zionists had recently seized control of America’s central bank, on xmas eve of 1913. With their new ‘Federal’ Reserve, and the resources of a handful of prominent Jewish families in New York, they assassinated the Russian Tsar and infected Russia with Bolshevism. We all know how that ended:

            “Genocide is the reality of Marxism everywhere in the World where it was adopted. You must understand, the Bolshevik Communist Jews who took over Russia were not Russian. They hated Russians, they hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered 66 million people without a shred of remorse. It cannot be overstated, Bolshevism committed the greatest slaughter of all time, from 1918/1957. Solzhenitsyn cited Cheka Order No, 10 issued 1/8/1921 ” To intensify repression of the Bourgeoisie. The fact that most of the World is ignorant and uncaring of this enormous crime is proof the Global Media is in the hands of the perpetrators.”
            -Alexander Solzhenitsyn; Author Gulag Archipelago

          • EGG BALLS(the hoes know)

            jews are jews, and they are human garbage period………

        • WA1

          I have a question for those with bigger brains than I…

          IF, Jews can have a homeland, WHY is it racist for Christians to have one, where those of other religions are not catered for, but should accept their “dimmi” status?

          And if acceptable for Christians… why not Buddhists? Taoists, Greek/Russian Orthodoxy? Rastafarian? et-al…

          Interesting conundrum, yes?

          • EGG BALLS(the hoes know)

            because the idea is to rule fractured countries while maintaining a homogeneous tribe acting as a collective.

      • Bogdan Weiss

        Israel is NOT a democracy – it’s a terrorist state & it practices apartheid – it’s about as democratic as Stalin’s Russia was in the 50’s ( another jewish invention that jews are reluctant to take accountability for – despite countless historical evidence )

      • Rob Crocker

        Since when is democracy the best system. Democracy is owned by commerce. Usa and israel are in serious trouble

        • WA1

          Maybe the answer is here —>>>

          • Deathdefiant

            The money printers have a very specific MO. Hegelian dialectic. Problem > Reaction > Solution

            Problem: The removal of physical currency, failure to convince population to adopt RFID chip and further the police state.

            Reaction: Bitcoin! Encourage cryptocurrencies, promote them as safe from the hands of the evil government, make them seem like they are booming, then crash the whole concept, detonate countless people’s life savings, send the public into an uproar and utterly annihilate public opinion of non-govt regulated forms of money.

            Solution: Shiny new RFID chips! Never lose your wallet again! All your bank and emergency and identification and travel information available at the wave of your hand!

            One of these days, Bitcoin is going to be worth it’s intrinsic vale of ZERO. When that happens, you don’t want to be the guy who had invested everything in this cryptocurrency fad thinking the money printers weren’t the one’s pulling the strings all along.

            People don’t even know who invented Bitcoin. Much less how safe it REALLY is. That’s hardly transparent.

            If you want to invest in precious metals, buy lead. It’ll do you a whole lot better than real or digital gold when the inevitable financial collapse of a debt-crippled world power arrives.

          • EGG BALLS(the hoes know)

            RN know.

        • Lord of the Gulf Stream

          Monarchy worked fine for pretty much the entire history of the world.

      • JKG

        It’s a shit democracy you retard. Nazi Germany was also a democracy as is Zionist Israel.

      • Stephan Williams

        Please, don’t be stupid.

      • Deathdefiant
      • EGG BALLS(the hoes know)

        we must send in the marines and annihilate them.then take our israel back for Jesus.

    • billy G

      There are many vile people commenting on this subject.

      • bonniebluejeanne

        You can’t argue with true history! – (unlike what gets printed in our kids’ textbooks.)

    • JKG

      Israel is the anti-christ, the end times demon that wants to destroy the world of goyim.

  • God sees all that is done and is in the process of liberating this people from their satanic enslavement.

    • NorthEastHeathen

      actually it’s people on the ground, many risking their lives, who are getting it done

      • We are God’s fingers, our being irrelevant. Rejoice that we are droplets forming a flood.

  • Tonya Benghazi Franklin

    I see zero proof that confirms this plane took off during the blackout. How about some proof.

  • Israel already has a massive nuclear arsenal so imo no nukes on that plane…

    • NeedToBail

      I agree.

      The key to the cargo is Mexico City.

    • Michael W Wolf

      yea right. Why don’t people know this? The white hats were involved in this somehow, I think. Was it a sting? Did the sting fail because the plane had special get out of airport card?

      • Mastax1234

        White hats? so your saying it was the good guys who did this? lol what

    • NeedToBail

      Looking up random things:
      – right off the bat, the Mexican embassy, which doesn’t seem to post stories very often, have an announcement about a new Mexico strategy – 3 hrs ago.

  • NeedToBail

    My guess, someone in Belgium needed a heavy shipment of drugs on the fly, their usual chain shut down for some reason, so they hired these guys to do a one time deal. Which would explain the lack of subterfuge in the execution, and the subterfuge in the covering up. Time is everything with drugs. People don’t wait.

    It must be nice to be in that clique. lol

  • Charles Corso

    The CDC is also located in Atlanta and they were mentioned yesterday in the news. They also possess dangerous cargo.

    • Michael Hawk

      No Expert Here But I recall coming across Info stating The CDC houses Many Lethal Bio Warfare Agents as WELL as dangerous Lethal Diseases that could Easily wipe out Large Populations ….Perhaps keep an Eye on Them.

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  • Teresa Bromaghim

    Can only hope and pray it wasnt a cargo full of cages containing children……

    • IHC

      No but it was meant to be a false flag by the deep state devils placing bombs as to cause maximum damage and lives to people. The white hats stopped that attack as well as extract a couple of HVT’s of the deep state trying to flee the country.
      The train derailment was a retaliation to failed false flag in ATL as they laid obstacles on the tracks where the train derailed although another stooge of the deep state was on that train with the intent to flee but snaked out! 🙂
      Black ops involving our white hats saved around 3,000+ children being sex trafficked for these lucifers and world wide pipelines from Saudi Arabia to the US via Haiti and Red Cross were taken down.
      Do not contribute to Red Cross because they are involved in the worldwide sex/human trafficking of children.

      • Pitpendulum

        one hundred percent factness

        • Michael Hutcheson

          Agreed, the Storm has arrived.

          • MakeItReign

            Amen brother.

          • IHC

            Yep and McCabe is in military custody and guarded by the same. Just as Q alluded too! 🙂 Merry Christmas!
            (I have read an unsealed indictment dtd 2 Dec 2017 against McCabe,Strzok, Podesta, Comey, Rydicki, and others being charged with Treason and more.
            The indictment against them was filed with the Supreme Ct in Pennsylvania. Our possum is really busy! 🙂

          • dave longwood


      • Blues of Morderer

        Do you have any evidence for any of that? I know Q said so. But Q doesn’t prove anything. I searched the net for those 3000 children in SA, but couldn’t find anything.

        • Bennett

          Truth doesn’t matter to mainstream media, only narrative matters. Of course you won’t find anything. Media blackout means media is connected. Basic logic.

        • Dobraya Utka

          All things happening and that have happened are recorded on the net.

      • EGG BALLS(the hoes know)

        SHUT UP MORON………its just what it seems like……jews doing more sinister secretive shit.

        • IHC

          I sincerely pity you! You are too far gone.

        • George

          your an idiot

      • JAFischer

        You really hate living in a world where random shit happens. It all has to be a plot.

        • Dobraya Utka

          You really hate living in a world where plotters make events happen. It all has to be random shit just happening.

    • Pat Enery

      Bound for Tel Aviv presumably.

  • Evergreen Airlines previously owned the plane in question. Evergreen has long been known as a CIA front.

    • Defiant

      Even if it was definite…why does the Mossad/CIA need the lights off to launch a plane? Why not just fit it in to the regular flight schedule!? It’s asinine.

      • Awaiting moderation

        Because Obama is no longer in the white house.

      • PatriotPirate

        Because the (standard) airport nuke sniffers don’t work so well when the power is off?

        • New Man

          why not just turn off the detectors?

  • james smith

    Was at the airport and can confirm seeing the air plane leave around 630 when they forced us out onto the tarmac. The airplane looked like a typical passenger plane.

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  • Jerry Wayne Carver

    Maybe they imported a nuke to set off in Atlanta to frame Iran.

    • Liz

      that was my first though too

  • Justin Burton

    holy crap! There were several other flights that departed too…most international, or tiny cargo types… most going intl…one to alabama… wow…a total flood of mysteries…among the biggest, why wouldn’t the journalist reporting on 4chan…actually look into any of it?

    • Justin Burton

      some to alaska… I bet it had nothing to do with tracking baggage or anything else…technical needs reg: navigation/luggage or anything like that(for example: connection not being on the same “grid” of req. services…)

      • NoBS NoSpam

        Liar. Or are you a paid liar?
        I hope you earn enough to bankrupt Soros and his public servants.

  • Resist_Tyranny

    The CIA is THE LARGEST drug cartel in the world. You don’t expect them to shut down on account of a power outage do you.

  • Michelle Grant

    Fukushima…. we got nuked and the whores in media covered that up too…

  • Michelle Grant

    oh look. japan is glowing..

  • Michael Hawk

    I don’t Think this Was an “opps” However my Real Question . If So What were we being Distracted From. What was Shipped out or Brought in ? BIO/Arms/Humans ? Also Regardless ..If anyone dies soon I will be suspicious ….Someone on SITE Knew Or saw SOMETHING …With Zero Power ,No generators in a Large Area Its Going to Become Oddly/Unusually Quiet Large Jets are Very Loud Even New Ones …Can they take Off in Zero Lighting Conditions? …IE: Night vision Technoligy ?

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  • Seamrog

    Word here is that it was a ‘massive’ electrical fire.

    No pics of smoke, no pics of burned out vault, no pics of repair crews doing emergency repairs.

    No pics of anything but a dark airport full of lemmings standing around waiting to be told what to do.

  • vrm

    We have military planes flying regularly to the middle east- why all this drama to fly nukes there ? Could have been handled quietly and discreetly.

    However, the possibility of SOME weapons being found near or in the airport cannot be ruled out. They were then evacuated to FBI/CIA near DC for inspection/investigation. The weapons in question would have to have been brought there by terrorists.

    Another possibility is that weapons were brought into Mexico ( it is well known that middle east operatives including Hezbollah have taken over S. America/Mexico) and they were captured after help from Mexican govt and are taken to DC for investigation.

    • Freud Voltaire

      You are obviously an idiot since you believe Mexico is in South America. That alone dismiss your whole rant.

      • Sean O’Brien

        well he said S. America/Mexico so…..

  • IHC

    If you had read “Q” you would have known 3 days in advance that this 10 hrs blackout would take place in Atlanta.
    Follow the breadcrumbs of Q who will keep you posted in advance. Atlanta was nothing that was unknown to the white hats. Q always says ‘the past is the future’.

    • Mastax1234

      what is this talk about white hats? so this is good or bad news? im out of the loop.

      • IHC

        White Hats are the good guys – the patriots who want to restore America. The Black Hats are the deep state who runs the government and is involved in many seditious and treasonous acts as well as the human sex trafficking of children worldwide. Currently the good guys are battling the bad guys and as you follow the drip drip of daily unfolding seditious scandals coming to light that is not by accident. I suppose it is my way of trying to ‘red pill’ those not in the know but must because this foul stench is beyond the pale and knee deep.
        If you really want to understand go to twitter and follow QAnon hashtag.

    • AmericanFaith

      What do you mean “follow Q”?…do you have a link?

      • IHC

        Go to “pound QAnon”. I’m not sure if I can post a link but its twitter so just go there.

  • Roseann

    It never ends..are the Kosher Devils setting up another 911…where is Zio Trump on this issue. If he doesn’t subdue these vile racist hateful bloodthirsty satanists..then what’s the point.

    • Russian Hacker

      LOL wut

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  • Robert Trebes

    This should not be a ‘Shock’ to the law enforcement community!…U.S. Customs at one time was a ‘First Class’ Law Enforcement Agency. U.S. Customs Inspectors were sent all over the World to ‘Train’ other countries’ Customs personnel on enforcement techniques! Since the inception of ‘Homeland Security’, U.S. Customs has been compromised in many areas of enforcement!

  • John C Durham

    Lets’s review. Abraham had two Sons, Isaac with Sarah. and Ishmael, the first born, from his wife Hagar, (a Mother saved by God from Sarah’s death sentence being carried out by Abraham)!
    Each of these two Sons had 12 children. These grew into the 12 Tribes of Israel and the 12 Tribes of Ishmael. All 24 Grandchildren of Abraham were blessed and given that land by God forever (according to scripture)!
    Now that Jerusalem is named Capital of Israel, Jerusalem will also have to be declared the Capital of Palestine. (Remind uninformed Christian to get Bibles (Torah) out and read WHY this must be.)

    • Jordan Stolpa

      Let’s review: Abraham is a fictional character. The “12” tribes is a clear reference to astrology.

      “God said I could have this land” isn’t a real reason – it’s fiction.

      Your bronze age myths and heroes are not history.

  • Renee Watkins


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  • Allen Margavich

    So why is there a public record of it leaving in the flight logs if it was so top secret they had to shut down the busiest airport in the world for 12 hours?

    Seems like if the US wanted to secretly give Israel some big guns they’d just send a C-17 on a top secret mission and us little people on the internet would never know about it.

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  • WhiteOakQueen

    I am more concerned that there is a Private Company that can bypass Customs to bring shit in this Country/ How is that even possible? Anything could be brought into the Country. And people are worried about a damn wall

    • WhiteOakQueen Look at their services. Is this at all US Airports w International Flights? Who vetted these people? Is this a “You have the money we can do it”

    • Victory

      I suspect they brought in a terror cargo for the next event they have plotted against America soon to come and to be blamed on Iran

      • Pat Enery

        A quite logical answer considering their track record with us & the rest of the gentile world.

    • AmericanFaith

      I think this company is illegal and only in operation because of obama…and maybe it is in a need to know basis that is how it gets away with the crap.

    • Energene

      There are customs free truck facilities in Southern Texas, although customs documents are still required.

      • WhiteOakQueen
      • WhiteOakQueen

        this right here: ability to load and unload trucks without the presence of a customs
        agent, print customs documents locally rather than traveling to the
        customs office, and clear customs documents simply and more quickly than
        ever before.

      • WhiteOakQueen

        and do truck facilities transport this:

    • MakeItReign

      Shit? Hardly. Unless trafficking children for abuse by elite pedophiles is shit. They are victims. Innocent victims

  • ᅚᅚ

    Probably white phosphorus as well….

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  • viktor

    Thank God for 4chan

  • Mikronos

    Christmas anthrax for Gaza

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  • Mastax1234

    ELI5, so Israel wants to bomb the USA? Am i understanding this correctly?

    • Longsoupline2

      They already have. Called 9-11 . That was a nuke event. Pretty easy to find the info

      • Awaiting moderation

        That was a nuke event if you call shape charges and super nano-thermate “nukes”.

        • Longsoupline2

          Dude. You dont know what the hell your talking about, Nano alone doesn’t pulverize a building to dust. Proven fact there were radio active isotope samples collected after the fact . Explain the molten granite. Nukes needed to create the hole that a large portion of the debris vanished. . If that hole were not dug the debris would have be 50 60 stories high . List goes on and on . Note similarities in this story to VTs (love the cartoon) And no what does it matter if Turkey and Israel arent allies. USAF needs permission to move what they own? Do you even know what Insirlik is ?? Come on ? Irrelevant argument

          From Veterans Today

          The buildings destroyed at the World Trade Center were demolished
          using nuclear devices brought into the US through Teterboro Airport,
          according to the DOE report. Investigator’s statements say that “there
          were no customs-only passport forms to be filled out by the flight
          crews. There was never any physical inspection of baggage or aircraft. “

          Able Danger investigators tracked the devices through the airport
          and maintained surveillance of all involved until the records were
          seized by orders of Michael Chertoff.

          When the nuclear investigation moved to Fort Lee, there had been in
          place a federal multi-agency task force probe into Mafia gambling
          operations there. It was this investigation that Mike Dick and Jeff
          Smith took over, surveillance on Atta, on the airport nearby and on the
          Israeli teams.

          The destruction of Building 7 was the result of nuclear devices
          installed in 100 gallon Halon fire extinguishing tanks placed throughout
          the complex under a fire prevention equipment upgrade program,
          according to the US Department of Energy report.

          The Teterboro airport’s security company, as of 9/11/2001, waived through illicit cargoes of all kinds.

          Donald Trump and the Clinton’s used Teterboro extensively and never
          had their aircraft examined nor passengers subjected to customs.

  • Longsoupline2

    Why would they need to smuggle a nuke,when there are 50 B61 s at I USAF airbase , Incirlik Turkey?

    • Awaiting moderation

      Turkey and Israel are not allies.

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  • Tim Pietersen


  • Greg St Pierre

    Cute theory but the military has cargo planes for such occasions. They never would have brought nukes through a civilian/municipal airport. There simply would be no need.

    • Mastax1234

      Exactly. It makes literally no sense, they would just be dumb to do so.

    • Sean O’Brien

      could have been that we wanted to be extra covert about it. not saying i believe this is the most likely secnario but there could be rationale behind it

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  • Defiant

    I don’t get it. Why couldn’t an Israeli plane take off if the lights were on? I’m sure they do so ALL THE TIME–Even mysterious Israeli cargo planes. It would draw MUCH less attention AND there’s no benefit to stopping up the airport. This makes ZERO sense.

  • Essene Gnostic

    Perhaps Jim Kirk, Scotty and Spock perpetrated the outage.

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  • Sir Baby De Porky

    Frozen baby body parts ?!?

    Women enslaved into prostitution ?!?

    Sarin gas ?!?

    Oooh … nuke warheads …

    Sorry !!!

  • Awaiting moderation
  • Pitpendulum

    As a cost saving measure there will be an event at the new stadium in time for the big college football game …and it will also make lives miserable for the Palestinians in time for that New Year. Now thats what I call efficient logistics !

  • Pitpendulum

    Lets not forget Tel Aviv had a special event planned for Mexico City….We are having Great business solutions NOW !

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  • Larry Lane

    The plane was carrying George Soros. He was extracted and is being held at Camp David for Interrogation. MAGA

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  • Herewe Goagain

    Why would they even need a blackout at the airport? What’s stopping them from flying along with everyone else. Flying during blackout only drew attention to them. Blending in would have remained anonymous.

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  • MakeItReign

    May I say that I am encouraged by this thread. The masses are now woke AF

  • The Awakening
  • Майстренко Світлана

    This plane brought to the US some black market old Soviet nukes for the “Ismalist terrorist acts” in the US :

  • The Awakening

    This article reminds me of this interview;

    Sean Stone and Christopher Bollyn on 9/11, Israel & the Mossad

    At 4 minutes 2 seconds:

    Sean Stone: “At what point do you start do you start to say things are not unfolding properly to my understanding, to my knowledge and my awareness of how the world should work. There is something else going on here, there is perhaps a conspiracy. At what point does that come into your head?”

    Christopher Bollyn: “I understood that in the first week.”

    I was in New York city on September 11th, early on in the morning. I couldn’t go to Washington obviously, so we turned around and went across to Pennsylvania and when I started writing about it as I got back to Chicago, a couple of days later, I could see that the Government and the Media were avoiding two main things.

    They were avoiding the evidence of explosions in the World Trade Centre and they were ignoring and omitting any discussion of these five dancing Israelis. These were the Israeli agents caught celebrating the collapse and the burning of the towers behind them in New Jersey.

    Then thirdly, a week later, there came out this report about the instant messaging
    services of Odigo. It is an Israeli company that is based Herzliya in Israel and also near the World Trade Centre. Some instant messages went out on this instant text messaging service, Israeli owned, that warned of an imminent catastrophe at the World Trade Centre. It was sent out two hours before the event actually happened. So 6:45 local time, 6:30.

    The thing is, the Vice President of the Company (Odigo) in Israel Alex Diamandis, he told the media, that the warnings were exact and precise to the minute. Meaning that at 8:45, all hell is going to break loose at the World Trade Centre, don’t go there.

    Those things in the first two weeks indicated that there was a cover up. We were being told a false narrative, we were being given a false narrative and those were the main issues being omitted from the discussion.”

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  • Daisy Mae

    Lots and lots of cargo planes flew out during the blackout.
    Why draw attention to the only Israeli one? Oh, of course, I know why …

  • Jim Mooney

    Meanwhile, news creators are telling me Youtube, google, facebook, and twitter are doing political censorship, as the demise of net neutrality means ISPs will also be doing that. Welcome to the dumbing down of America.

  • Aurealeus

    This article had me up until the end when it was insinuated the plane was carrying nuclear weapons. First of all, if the U.S. govt. wanted to transfer nuclear or any other kind or weapon (or whatever), it doesn’t need to use a civilian airport (nor would it for public safety reasons) or go through all the dramatics mentioned in the article. All the U.S. govt. needs to do is ship whatever they want at any time they want via U.S. Military transport, and again, without having to go through all the ‘clandestine’ motions mentioned in the article.

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  • WA1

    Curiouser and curiouser…

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  • EGG BALLS(the hoes know)

    I see all the jewish posters have come out to push silly conspiracies and hide jewish terror planning.

  • EGG BALLS(the hoes know)

    looks like israel is really blackmailing trump big.

  • St.Maur1066

    Maybe it’s something COMING INTO the United States, not going out. Maybe we’ll have a 9-11 false flag that we find out in 10 minutes was done by the Russians and or Iranians, complete with driver’s license for proof (eye roll)….HHhmmmm?

  • Robert

    Lmao, so this is what it looks like when people who have NO idea as to what they’re talking about, vs, an employee of swissport who actually offload cal cargo. There is absolutely NOTHING going on with cal cargo outside of its representatives are inconsiderate of swissport employees time, lol. They carry cargo such as cars, mining equipment, medical devices etc…..I swear some of you all need to have you damn heads checked🤣🤣😊

  • Nimadan

    “move some W80 variable yield nuclear warheads out of the country,
    and into the hands of the Israeli’s… The belief being this was all done
    to discreetly arm our military ally”

    You think the Israelis don’t already have HUNDREDS of nukes?

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  • JAFischer

    And the aluminum hats come out of storage.

    Because a covert operation will totally call attention to itself that way.