While the biased media continues to try and portray a picture of an administration in crisis, team Trump instead continues to keep on racking up the wins.  As you may have heard, yesterday West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced he was officially switching party designations during a Trump visit and rally inside the state. This brings the current numbers of Republican controlled Governorships to 34, compared to now only 15 for the Democrats.  The liberal left will try and tell you they speak for the majority of the country, but a look at the newly updated map of state Governor’s paints a very different tale. 

The real interesting part of the story here though, is the driving force behind this latest win for the President.  The key word here in this case, being one that has been essential to Trumps success from the start.  That word being, coal.

It’s a word whose political power and importance is not to be underestimated.  So powerful in fact the left has spent the last two decades in a sustained effort to vilify it and anyone even remotely associated with it.  They had done such a good job even, that by the start of last election cycle only two of the seventeen Republican presidential candidates made bringing back America’s lost coal jobs a real campaign focus, Rand Paul and Donald Trump. 

While the mainstream media reacted in shock and horror on election night, a few brave people recognized beforehand that it might be the supposedly dead and buried old coal America that would carry Trump to victory.  For deep inside Hillary’s alleged “Blue Wall”, were hundreds of thousands of American Coal families.  These are the same families who suffered when under the Obama administration coal jobs in states like Governor Justice’s own West Virginia fell upwards of 17 percent per year.  In fact in 2015 coal jobs were at their lowest recorded levels since these records started being kept.

This is exactly why the big surprise results in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio have been largely attributed to Trump’s Pro Coal, and Pro Jobs agenda.  Early on Trump and his team made it clear reversing these trends and bringing the jobs back would be a focus of his administration, and on election night the voters responded.

This outcome should have been all the less surprising considering how in the run up to the election, Trumps rival was on stage bragging about how “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”  In the video of this moment below, you can see how the likely criminal tried then to spin her statement into somehow being about protecting coal workers.  Sadly for Hillary and friends, the American voter wasn’t quite that gullible after all.  In a shocking turn of events for the political pundit experts over at MSNBC, it turns out the average American worker didn’t really like the idea of a President boasting about how she was going to put them all out of job.

Maybe the same experts who were gleefully calling Ohio for Hillary, should have paid more attention when the president of the Ohio Coal Association released the following statement in response to Clinton’s speech.

“Hillary Clinton’s callous statements about coal miners, struggling under the weight of a hostile administration, are reprehensible and will not be forgotten.  The way Secretary Clinton spoke so nonchalantly about destroying the way of life for America’s coal families was chilling.”

So chilling in fact, that it forced a number of Republican leaders to comment. In this video made in response to Clinton’s disturbing attack on the Coal workers of America, Senator Paul, a now major ally of the Trump administration on this topic states.  “President Obama promised to bankrupt coal, and now Hillary promises to drive a stake into the final remaining jobs left in the coal industry.”

But this isn’t just about promises made back in the election, it’s about actual real results.  The kind that push Governors to jump a sinking ship and join the winning party.  Speaking about these very results back in June, Scott Pruitt, Trumps Administrator for the Environmental protection agency stated,

“Since the fourth quarter of last year until most recently, we’ve added almost 50,000 jobs in the coal sector. In the month of May alone, almost 7,000 jobs.”

Want more proof of success?  Company Alpha Natural Resources filed for bankruptcy two years ago during the Obama years.  Now a reborn version of the company under the new name Contura Energy has risen from the ashes.  In their filing to become a publicly traded company, the Trump administration is mentioned no less than 18 times, as a positive factor towards both their renewed success and future outlook

While the left will tell you its attack on the coal industry isn’t about killing jobs, but rather about protecting the environment.  It’s important to note all of their moral outrage on the topic always seems directed solely at the American Coal industry and its workers, and never outwards to nations like China.  Who are building at ever increasing rates, new coal burning plants that often run less green then our own modern clean coal burning American counterparts.  Above all else remember when the left tells you to go green, that green energy really translate to no energy.

If the free market eventually provides us with cheaper more efficient energy sources then coal, then by all means the industry will slowly be phased out and replaced as is the natural cycle of things.  But Obama and the left have spent 8 years trying to artificially kill coal before it’s time, and we should applaud Trump for trying to rebalance the table and give coal and it’s workers a fair and fighting chance again.  The coal miners of America already are after all.