Billionaire Space Mogul tells 60 Minutes ‘Aliens Are Here’

Aliens are Here

Billionaire Space Mogul tells 60 Minutes ‘Aliens Are Here’

U.S. billionaire Robert Bigelow, 73, CEO of Bigelow Aerospace, who has been working with NASA to create a new expendable spacecraft, told reporter Lara Logan on 60 Minutes that he knew aliens are here, and they are real. 

Image result for bigelow aerospace logoHe describes how his obsession with aliens began after his grandparents, on an undisclosed date encountered a UFO outside of Las Vegas. 

“It really sped up and came right into their face and filled up the entire windshield of the car. “And it took off at a right angle and shot off into the distance.”

Bigelow then goes on about how he has invested more than anyone else on the planet into UFO research. He then goes into detail about how the U.S. Government, along with others across the globe know that aliens are here on Earth and they interact with them.

“There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence [on Earth].”

When asked if he was worried that people might think he was crazy, his response was:

“It’s not gonna make a difference. It’s not gonna change the reality of what I know.”

So why does Robert Bigelow suddenly seem to not care about the consequences of his disclosure? 

Probably because the evidence has been in our faces for centuries. 

Does anyone else not remember the time the former Canadian Prime Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer gave a full disclosure in front of a Congressional Hearing? 

Critics who oppose this video claim it was staged by a bunch of alien lovers.

What do you think?

We see evidence in paintings:

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“The Madonna with Saint Giovannino”

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“The Baptism of Christ” painted in 1710

We see evidence throughout our ancient civilizations, such as from the Mayan:

Image result for aliens in ancient carvings


Robert Bigelow goes on to say that their reasons for keeping this information from the public is their fear of the impact this knowledge would have on religion and the rule of law. 

In reality, their fear rests solely upon the fact that if aliens are real, one then has to wonder, how did they get here.

Certainly not using fossil fuel technology. 

In order for an extraterrestrial race to visit Earth, their technology must be beyond that of what fossil fuel is capable of.

That or go into hibernation for thousands, possibly millions of years.

Therefore a new form of energy would have to be possible, such as zero point energy: energy derived from the infinite pool of energy that exists all around us.

“Space is actually not empty and it’s full of energy…The energy in space is not trivial there’s a lot of it and we can actually calculate how much energy there is in that space and that reality might actually come out of it. Everything we see is actually emerging from that space.” (Nassim from his TEDx talk)

In fact, multiple scientists have confirmed the reality of free energy. 

There is even the story of a 13 year old inventing a free energy device using less than $15. 

Fossil Fuel IndustryThere is a reason all of this information is suppressed. Fossil fuels account for 80% of the world’s energy needs. As the world population rises, so too does our energy consumption.

“Fossil fuel interests – oil, gas, and coal companies, fossil-fueled utilities, and fossil fuel investors – have colonized nearly every nook and cranny of energy and climate policy research in American universities, and much of energy science too. And they have done so quietly, without the general public’s knowledge.”

– The fossil fuel industry’s invisible colonization of academia

Fracking TruthLook how quickly cell phones and computers have evolved, but the car engine? 

Still the same since its initial inception. 

Even Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motors, attempted to release a hemp fueled car. 

An except from 

Ethanol has been known as a fuel for many decades. Indeed, when Henry Ford designed the Model T, it was his expectation that ethanol, made from renewable biological materials, would be a major automobile fuel. However, gasoline emerged as the dominant transportation fuel in the early twentieth century because of the ease of operation of gasoline engines with the materials then available for engine construction, a growing supply of cheaper petroleum from oil field discoveries, and intense lobbying by petroleum companies for the federal government to maintain steep alcohol taxes. Many bills proposing a National energy program that made use of Americas vast agricultural resources (for fuel production) were killed by smear campaigns launched by vested petroleum interests. One noteworthy claim put forth by petrol companies was that the U.S. government’s plans “robbed taxpayers to make farmers rich”.

Fossil Fuels Consume the PlanetThose who are in control do not want us knowing about aliens because of the threat this knowledge poses to their imposed veil of fear, their suppression of advanced technology, and most importantly their piggy banks. 

So why now? Why suddenly the disregard to maintaining the secret?

“Recently there is a systematic effort from within the US and other world governments to release this information to the public.”

– Russell Calka, co founder of the Disclosure Activists. 

Are we being prepped for something?