Black Lives Matter and Corporate America: A Dangerous Love Affair


Just last week the President disbanded two separate advisory councils made up of leaders from across Corporate America. This coming as a result of multiple executive members of both councils publicly quitting and condemning the President for his comments regarding the now infamous Charlottesville rally.

A prime example of these business leaders using this opportunity to suck up to the liberal consumer base, is Merck CEO Kenneth C. Frazier.  Who stated he had to leave the council because he felt “a responsibility to take a stand against intolerance and extremism.” Kenneth appears to have equated Trumps neutral comments regarding the rally where he merely suggested there were agitators on both sides, as a full endorsement of the extremist views of some attendees.  However the CEO who also served happily on a similar council under Obama, had no problem backing that President when he openly brought in leaders from intolerant extremist group Black Lives Matter into the White House just last year.  Keep in mind this was a President formally opening a friendly dialogue with a group whose members and supporters have gone on multiple Police Officer killing rampages.  

This is par for the course from America’s business leaders when it comes to Black Lives Matter though.  In fact the group has continued to benefit from a steady amount of coddling and praise from the leaders of Corporate America.  This love affair even going as far as big business trying to help force BLM leadership into the actual government.  For example, when Deray Mckesson who the New York Times called “the best known face of the black lives matter movement” ran for Mayor of Baltimore last year, he had big money donations from Executives at the likes of both Netflix and Google among others.  In fact business leaders have been putting untold millions of dollars into the Black Lives Matter war chest, donating indirectly through left-wing nonprofits such as Borealis Philanthropy and the Ford Foundation.

Even America’s number one retail giant Wal-Mart is on it.  While its CEO Doug McMillon blasts trump on TV and urges that, “elected officials to do their part to promote a more just, tolerant and diverse society.”  His store still sells racially divisive merchandise like this.

Until recently Wal-Mart was stocking clothes even more blatantly Anti-Police and inflammatory.  This shirt only taken down when the company received an official complaint from the Fraternal Order of Police.

Image result for Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter walmart

One officer injured by a BLM member who cannot be named as he in an ongoing related lawsuit over the matter had this to say about the organizations leaders.  Who, “not only incited the violence against police in retaliation for the death of black men shot by police, but also did nothing to dissuade the ongoing violence and injury to police. In fact, they justified the violence as necessary to the movement and war.”

When we have injured in the line of duty Police Officers making it clear this is a group at war with the very idea of police, why in the world are major American companies like Google and Wal-Mart not only endorsing, but in some cases directly funding their operations?  More importantly why are we as American’s not calling out these companies for the second hand blood of our nations Police now on their hands?  If these companies want to argue it’s shameful to work in cooperation with the President of the United States, the least they can do is also be ashamed to work with the domestic terrorists over at Black Lives Matter.


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