Bond Conditions Changed For Radical Agenda Host Christopher Cantwell


Over eight months have passed since the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville Virginia and the legal battles are still ongoing. One of the more public cases is that of Christopher Cantwell, the host of the popular alt-right podcast Radical Agenda. On Thursday an Albemarle County judge changed the conditions of his bond, ruling that he must now be fitted with an alcohol monitoring bracelet. This coming after a surprisingly silly charge he picked up in Loudon County Virginia for public swearing and intoxication. Hopefully, he told the judge he was “sorry about the F”.

Cantwell served just over three months time in Albemarle County regional jail after being charged in connection with the events surrounding the torchlit march on University of Virginia campus the night of August 11th. Apparently in Charlottesville its illegal to use pepper spray in self-defense. Who knew? Cantwell was eventually granted a $25,000 bond.

Interestingly as part of the new bond conditions the judge ruled that Cantwell cannot name, either of his two alleged victims, Emily Gorcenski and Kristopher Goad, from the night of August 11th on his show or online. If these were private citizens this would be somewhat understandable but that isn’t the case. Emily, who before transitioning from male to female went by Edward, is a public activist. Emily spends most of her time doxxing right-wingers. Leaking their names, addresses, and even posting pictures of their homes. Yet she wonders why people aren’t big fans of hers. If she is receiving threats its unlikely that they’re coming from Cantwell or his listeners. It seems like she is making enough enemies on her own.

Cantwell’s legal issues are a clear-cut case of political targeting. Which will be all the more evident when he finally has his trial and can show the video evidence he has to a jury. Not that anyone believes the jurors in the hard left city of Charlottesville will be sympathetic to the man or his plight. But facts are facts, and the camera doesn’t lie.

He has been treated entirely differently than anyone else would have been because of his political beliefs. He was without a doubt a political prisoner for months. He’s already served more time in jail, without having his day in court, than an average joe would have been served with. He is being legally trapped in the Commonwealth of Virginia until his trial in August. Which when the day comes, if there is any amount of fairness left in the justice system he will walk out a free man.