Uganda Knuckles has taken the world by storm, sporting a hilariously misshapen Knuckles the Echidna from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise as the source of a new internet meme. In a series of YouTube videos released within several weeks of each other, Uganda Knuckles has been featured as a dim-witted African tribalist offering spiritual transcendentalism to followers of “De Way.” One particular video published by YouTuber Apandah features a thick South African accent and the method of communication employed by “De Bruddas,” that is, mass tongue-clicking.

You do not know de way. You think you know de way, but only me and my bruddas know da way: de way of the Ugandan People.

I remember years ago, it was the Blue versus the Red. The Bloods versus the Crips. And now we have joined forces. We’ve even made some new Knuckles. We have Trap Knuckles, Big Knuckles, I don’t like this Knuckles, but it’s a Knuckles nonetheless, it’s a part of our people. Our Ugandan culture and tribe and our way of communicating.

[mass clicking ensues]

We die together, jump together, we do everything together. We spit together, anything for the Queen! Now the Queen will die like most things but, until den, we’re gonna have to find a new queen. And we already found some potential candidates. This version of Knuckles as a girl and this other version of Knuckles as a girl and dis one – you kno, anything basically – basically if Knuckles has tits, it’s the queen.

But the Reds and the Blues joined forces so we can beat the Penguins. We will use our Ebola and our Uganda power and kill them, spit on them, like the little pieces of shit they are. If you mess with us, we will spit on you. We will spit on you and you will hate it. I tell you that! Long live… the bruddas.

According to one social justice blogger,

To say that Ugandan Knuckles is a problematic meme would be an understatement; the players who join in on the meme phenomenon mock Ugandan people and culture, clicking their tongues, spitting on other players, chanting words like “Uganda” and “ebola” and taking on fake Ugandan accents.”

Of course, the nature of a meme is that it is inherently offensive in some way. The humor of a joke is dependent on the sense of the recipient; thus, if an individual simply does not believe that mocking a culture or race for stereotypical attributes or an extremely over-the-top internet sensation, there is no hope in trying to converse with them.

Claims that Uganda Knuckles is the embodiment of racist, fascist, and just generally problematic have circulated around the internet faster than the speed of a thousand deformed Ugandan echidnas marching to spit on the corpses of the Penguins.

Knuckles the Hedgehog has historically been represented in the gaming world as hailing from a prehistoric tribe of enlightened echidnas known as the Knuckles Clan, who all lived in the Mystic Ruins. The memetic nature of Uganda Knuckles stems from the similarities that Knuckles the Hedgehog shares with South African tribalist-spiritualists, and thus the relatability of the two entities can be compared and, ultimately, chuckled at.

The fact that a meme must be documented and defended so adamantly against the current socio-cultural status quo is honestly sad, as it shows that humanity simply cannot appreciate a good joke, even when it has special access to de way.