If you are a sane enough individual to avoid both the mainstream press and internet garbage dumps like twitter, you may not have been aware that yesterday was “Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.” However the majority of American’s likely could not escape this news, as it was pushed by everyone from Fortune Magazine to Chelsea Clinton.

In this latest chapter in the ongoing saga of “fighting racism by constantly calling attention to race” black women have decided to jump on one of the trendiest topics of the age.  The mythical wage gap.  Even Black Lives Matter got in on the fun, retweeting this post from the Women’s March.  You know that same organization run by the Sharia law loving Islamic Jihadist Linda Sarsour.

But now isn’t the time to discuss Linda or Black Lives Matter, though I have plans to do both in the near future.  Instead, since the left always loves to attack us for our “fake news” and “conspiracy theories”. Let us flip the table for once and take a closer look at one of the greatest conspiracy theories of the left, the so-called “wage gap.”

If your somehow new to this specific bit of liberal hysteria, the wage gap is the idea that women only earn somewhere between 72 to 79 cents on the dollar to what their male counterparts make.  You will notice this is not a precise amount, as it seems to fluctuate every time someone makes the claim, almost as if they are just pulling a random number out of thin air. Perhaps the most famous number, however, is 77, as popularized in a 2014 speech by then President Obama who claimed,Today, the average full-time working woman earns just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns…in 2014, that’s an embarrassment. It is wrong.”

Unfortunately for these self-proclaimed victims of the patriarchy, the entire claim from the start has been based largely on a debunked bit of old Census Bureau data.  In this study, the ratio of median earnings between men and women working full time was compared and came up with a pay gap of 23 cents.  However, this often repeated little convenient factoid did not take into account that women tend to work less full-time hours than men, or more importantly, the different types of jobs men and women work.  In short, the very report this entire claim originated from was never attempting to claim women got paid less for the same hours in the same job.

For this very reason the wage gap was being mocked online years ago as total fantasy, and yet it’s seemingly the most sacred un-killable myth of the modern regressive left.  To make the whole matter more ridiculous is the fact that American and Western women, in general, are easily the best off and well-treated women in the history of the species. Quite possibly women in today’s America might be the first women in history who truly have more advantages and opportunities available to them than many of their male counterparts.  These days more often it is the men who find themselves trying to get by in a system set up by these self-righteous social justice crusaders determined to punish anyone foolish enough to be born with a penis.

It should be noted that in spite of the continued push of this narrative by the left there continues to be an increasing amount of people not buying into this particular fantasy, women included.  For example, a well done and intelligent break down of the issue can be seen here on the Prager University YouTube channel.

If 6 minutes is too long for you, however, resident YouTube troublemaker ShoeOnHead, offers up this more succinct 15-second takedown of the issue.

But don’t take these random YouTubers word for it, the sheer incorrectness of the wage gap myth is something well documented by a variety of respected sources.  From Major Newspapers, Major Magazines, Actual Studies Done by Real Economists, and hell even the Feminists Over at the Huffington Post of all places.

Sadly despite all of this the wage gap myth not only endures but seems to grow year after year. Proving once more that no amount of reality or facts will ever cause the regressive left to abandon a convenient narrative. Especially one that can be used to advance their gender and race-obsessed agendas. This, of course, brings us back full circle to yesterday’s specific Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.  A day which proves once again that white women aren’t really truly welcome in the upper echelons of the social warrior hierarchy, not that there was really any doubt about that at this point.

Personally, I look forward to the continued self-segregation of holidays on part of America’s black power movement. Not content with the already existing 9 holidays plus a month they already possess, now it seems they must get their own spin-off versions of every preexisting holiday or movement. I predict Black Saint Patrick’s Day is next, accompanied by a CNN special regarding the history of the Black Irish struggle. 

More seriously, keep on the lookout for the return of Black Women’s Equal Pay Day next year. As being such a perfect combination of both gender and race-bait issues it truly must be the holy grail of SJW holidays. Which means it will only be pushed even more come next year regardless of the ever-increasing amount of evidence disproving the myth likely to surface in the meantime.


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