When a major terrorist attack hits the heart of America’s biggest city, it normally doesn’t take long for the mainstream news to begin coverage. This goes double for the live 24/7 cable news networks, who possess the ability at any moment to cut in with a major breaking story. Somehow though, this latest example of Islamic based terror here in America wasn’t deemed major enough at first for the leading cable news network. As they were too busy covering what in their mind, was clearly a more important piece of news. 

While other major news agencies like the Associated Press had already begun covering the explosion with fully written pieces by 8:26 AM eastern time. Over 20 minutes later, CNN still hadn’t made the call to cut into their pre-planned story on the President’s alleged soda drinking habits. The network apparently finding coverage of this fluff piece first spread by their fake news ally The New York Times, more important than informing it’s viewers of a terrorist attack on American soil. An attack, that had it gone off as planned would likely have left a disturbingly large body count.

While obviously the networks Liberal viewing base is normally quite content to spend their time watching frivolous stories on topics like the amount of Diet Coke the President drinks. I would imagine even that same audience would expect the network to cut into such programming when a real news story breaks. Which leaves me to wonder how organizations like CNN, The New York Times, or even The Washington Post can continue to fight the claims of being fake news, when this is the level of professionalism we can expect from them.  It’s high time CNN admitted to being nothing more than a 24/7 cable news version of the Huffington Post at this point, and stopped insisting they resembled anything close to a legitimate serious news service. After all I don’t think any rational minded individual thinks stories like this should be considered real news. 

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