Corey Feldman has been the latest talk of the town when it comes to shifty characters and dirty politics. While he’s not actually a politician, he plays the game just as any scoundrel would *cough cough* Hillary Clinton… 

He came into the spotlight when he recently posted a second donation page in hopes of earning more money. His original donation page is hosted on Indigogo, and is titled “Corey Felman’s truth campaign”. Why is he trying to raise money? So that he can make a movie about himself. All for the betterment of society of course. He hopes that in making this film and releasing it out to the public, he will change the world by exposing the pedophiles in Hollywood. 

Corey: Why am I really doing this? Because people have no clue who I am, and I need them to remember. Give me all of your money!

On Corey Feldman’s second donation page, (hosted on Gofundme) he explains that a second one is necessary in order for him to secure the funds he needs, when he needs it. As for his original donation page, he won’t be able to access those funds until February 2018. Addition excuses were made, such as “I need more security”, “I keep getting messages from potential supporters who say Indiegogo won’t let them donate”, the list goes on. Finally, he claims that a portion of the funds will be donated to charity. The size of this portion is unknown.

He stated before that even with his book, which revealed many dark secrets of his past, he did not get enough publicity for listing the names of several Hollywood predators. It wasn’t until the Harvey Weinstein incident that his infamous popularity started to rise. On October third, he appeared on The Today Show and named child agent Marty Weiss as one of his abusers. On November second, he appeared on Dr. Oz and named former personal assistant Cloyd Jon Grissom as another one of his abusers. On November fourteenth, Feldman appeared on Dr. Oz for another round and named Alphy Hoffman, a former talent agent and owner of an underage club in Hollywood, as yet another abuser.

Corey: Yeah, Hollywood has some pretty nasty characters, and I am a victim, but you know what would make things better? If I over exaggerate, beg for money, and milk this Harvey Weinstein thing to death so I can get more attention. 

Though he’s getting the attention he thinks he deserves, he’s claiming that he’s been “black listed” and that people don’t want to hear the truth. What he doesn’t seem to realize, is that people look for the truth all the time, and this hasn’t been the first time he’s overrated himself. At age fifteen, he was granted emancipation from his parents. He said that he was worth one million dollars by the age of fifteen, but by the time the judge ordered the bank records to come forward, only $40,000 was found.

People have been expressing their frustrations, pointing out the lies and deception that follow someone like Felman. YouTuber #PIZZAGATE stated in a video:

“He’s a little bit butt hurt that he can’t get to the 250,000 dollars he has already raised, until February of 2018. He expected he was going to get 10,000,000 dollars in just a couple of weeks.”       

 From begging for money, to starting a petition for a law named after himself, will the madness ever end? How far will Feldman go to grab our attention?   

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