The past few months have seen hundreds if not thousands of men both famous and not, see their lives crumble around them in the face of sexual misconduct allegations brought out in the light of what the media has taken to calling the Weinstein effect. While certainly the majority of these men likely deserve their punishment, it would also be foolish to not admit that the aftermath of these seeming endless scandals is that they have given rise to a man hating and witch-hunt supporting popular culture.

While common wisdom would have us believe that this same culture is at least making things almost universally better for women everywhere, a new study funded by the National Institutes of Health may call that into question. With data now revealing a possibly fatal byproduct of this current male distrusting climate. Because while men are certainly thinking twice now about putting their hands on a strange woman, that apparently is also holding true in situations that are less than ideal.

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Should he help her and risk the lawsuit?

As the new study done in partnership with the American Heart Association has revealed that for people suffering from cardiac arrest in public, woman are far less likely to receive lifesaving CPR from a random passerby than their male counterparts. With the only possible explanation for this difference offered up by involved researchers being a belief that strangers now likely find themselves increasingly reluctant to remove a woman’s clothes let alone touch her breasts. Both of which are required in successful female CPR in most cases.

What this means in a practical sense, is that women have likely already died unnecessarily and will continue to do so, because we have allowed a culture of fear to form around the concept of male to female touch. In a life and death situation where every second counts, even just a few moments extra hesitation in acting can mean all the difference. How many women have already died or will in the future, just because a man needs a few extra seconds to consider the possible “risk” of coming to her aid?

Currently only 39% of women suffering a heart attack in public will receive CPR compared to over 45% of men. Even worse is that men were 23% more likely to survive among those who did receive CPR. Implying most likely, that the procedure was often started quicker or done more strongly when performed on men.

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Some have suggested increased training models with breasts, to help make men more comfortable

With the current news cycle showing no signs of this male targeting witch hunt ending any time soon, it’s not hard to imagine that these numbers are going to get even worse for women in the near future. It would seem as if in their quest to be free from the male gaze and touch, some women never considered there could come a time when a strange man’s hands and mouth might actually save their lives.

While it is obviously important that actual misconduct performed by either gender be called out and punished. The sheer number of false allegations now being made, along with seemingly innocent acts also being punished has clearly led to a culture of fear and mistrust of women in men. While that may not seem like a big deal at first, studies like this show that in fact in can quite literally become a matter of life and death itself.  

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