Much has already been said about the suspicious circumstances surrounding the now famous school shooting “survivor” David Hogg. At this point love him or hate him, most people already have their minds made up when it comes to this young gun rights activist. Now though, newly uncovered footage of David seemingly taken before the incident which made him a national star might make some reconsider their views on this polarizing figure.

Uploaded first to Snapchat, the footage appears to be filmed by a classmate of David’s. A classmate who seemingly calls him out for not really being a student at all. Stating, “He’s not even supposed to be in our school, he’s like 25 and from California, even though he’s my debate partner. What the hell?” The cameraman also appears to point an accusatory finger at David while making his claim.


So is there any truth to this? Based on the footage alone, it’s hard not to notice that David certainly looks more angry than shocked by the accusation. Rather than laughing it off as a joke, or showing confusion over a ludicrous claim, David instead clearly displays displeasure upon hearing his true identity revealed on camera. Almost as if he can’t quite believe that someone would actually try and break his cover. It’s also worth noting that the upload itself makes no effort to not be direct with the accusation. As the footage is directly tagged with an overlay that reads, my debate partner is a crisis actor.

Obviously, one explanation is that this was taken following the shooting and is a student calling him out after the incident. However, if David really had been a long time student at the school, wouldn’t his classmates all know him quite well? It’s strange the cameraman is acting as if he has never seen David in person before now. It’s also worth keeping in mind that David hasn’t exactly kept attending school a priority since he discovered his sudden newfound fame. For example, around the time this footage was uploaded on the first of the month, David was in California preparing for a March 2nd appearance on the Bill Maher show. There is also that infamous declaration by Mr. Hogg to consider. When just last week he made international headlines by claiming, he would refuse to go back to school until gun reform legislation was passed.

In the end, we are sharing this footage so you can come to your own conclusions about it. As we draw ever closer to the March for our Lives rally in DC, organized in part by David and his fellow Parkland students. It’s important we continue to scrutinize and learn all we can about the real motivations behind these youths who seem so determined to undermine our fundamental Constitutional rights. On that note, I wish to share one last bit of confirmed evidence regarding the real mindset of the young man now speaking on our TV’s so often. The following post for your consideration, taken directly from David Hogg’s old personal Reddit account.

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