Crypto Currency War: Ethereum Will Rise From the Ashes

Crypto Currency War: Ethereum Will Rise From the Ashes

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What we have witnessed over the last week is a war to eliminate a currency that opposes the tendrils of big data mining, and to launch ahead a chosen winner that central banks can best utilize. 

The cyber attacks earlier this week started by holding for ransom older Microsoft operating systems and demanding Bitcoin. Over 300k computers were affected in over 150 countries, and only a mere 43,000 bitcoins were obtained. 

A second cyber attack, much deadlier and more complex, affecting hundreds of thousands of computers, targeted the crypto currency Moneroagain through Microsoft operating systems.  mining an impressive million euro!

May 19, 2017: A competing crypto currency known as Ethereum is up 44.46%. Before today, it was up 10,000% in the last 16 months!

Back in Febuary, 30 large banks (J.P. Morgan Chase, Citibank) and tech giants (such as Microsoft), created a group known as the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, in which they debuted their business ready versions of software that supported Ethereum.

Ethereum is said to be a more flexible and developer friendly alternative to Bitcoin. It is however said to be just as traceable as Bitcoin and offers very little if any privacy.

Monero on the other hand, is a secure, private, and untraceable currency.

So what happened … in a very blunt sense, is that cyber attacks ravaged Microsoft systems, looted a million Euro worth of Monero, a currency that competes directly with Ethereum, a currency that Microsoft, along with central banks, have invested in, and as a result, Ethereum’s value has continued to skyrocket.

Alongside this war playing out within the crypto currency world, Wall Street has been using Comex to create digital precious metals in order to cap the prices of physical gold and silver. 

Fake gold and silver in order to reduce the price of physical gold and silver. The two things that can compete with any mode of currency … throughout any period of history.  

It is theorized that the elites, are using crypto currencies to store dollars in order to prevent hyper inflation. A way of stashing away fiat currency.

All crypto currencies combined, at this point, have a 60 billion dollar market cap.

To me it seems as if they may have begun the transfer of their wealth, knowing the collapse of the fiat, petro dollar is imminent. 

The elites, a.k.a. central banks, are beginning a transfer of wealth, over to the new currency that will take the place of the dollar, once it collapses.

Monero was the one crypto currency that seemed to be the most logical choice moving forward from the standpoint to the rest of us.

To central banks, this was the one currency they knew they could not use to trace and monitor our data. Mark my words, Monero was the first to fall. Eventually all other currencies will burn in the wake of Ethereum. Soon it will be embraced as the solution to a new global currency.

As we progress into a digital age, an age of data, information has become true power.