Cyber Attacks: Scapegoat to the Imminent Stock Market Crash

Cyberware Attacks Mirage for Imminent Stock Market Crash

When Nixon eliminated the gold standard in 1971, meaning printed money had to be backed by gold, the era of the petrodollar emerged. Any nation that attempted to sell oil in anything other than U.S. dollars met the full wrath of America’s military.

We have not been fighting for Democracy, we have been establishing military rule in order to secure resources for corporations, and establish central banks. 

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

– Henry Ford

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Watch this video, in which General Wesley Clark, back in 2007, discusses future wars planned by the U.S. Government:

One of my all time favorite videos, the time George Bush accidentally told the truth and admitted as to why we really go to war!

Paper Currency is Nearing its End

When the stock market ends, not if, but when, a new currency will emerge.

As the world rapidly evolves towards the digital age, so too will currency. What you are now witnessing is the elimination of currencies that cannot be controlled by central banks, specifically Monero. 


The most critical flaw in Bitcoin is its lack of privacy. Monero solves privacy issues by automatically applying privacy techniques to every single transaction made. Bitcoin does not do this, nor does Etherium: Microsoft and JP Morgan’s cryptocurrency investment.

Do you not find it odd that these cyber attacks are targeting Microsoft operating systems and harvesting only Monero, the currency that hurts Microsoft’s investment in Etherium?

Seems rather convenient.

The possibility that these cyber attacks are establishing control for central banks by eliminating Monero, and that these hacks will be blamed as the culprit for the imminent stock market crash, is very real. 

Go down to your local coin store and purchase gold and silver coins. 

Start growing your own food, it is literally growing money. Begin to break away from the dependency of corporations, because the possibility that you will be forced to could happen very soon.