Dark Hole on Mars Leaves Scientists Baffled

nasaNASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona

A recent discovery of a pit by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has left astronomers with more questions than answers. 

The pit located near the south pole, is hundreds of meters across and surrounded by frozen carbon dioxide. 

Mars has polar ice caps like Earth, however they are comprised of carbon dioxide and water ice. 

In a statement issued by NASA, “This pattern is created when there is relatively high, smooth material that is broken up into these circular-shaped depressions forming the ‘Swiss cheese’ terrain.

Image result for carbon dioxide from ice to gasThe depressions are thought to be caused by sublimation, which is when a material goes directly from a solid to a gas phase.”

Basically as the seasons on Mars shift, the carbon dioxide moves back and forth from ice into gas, never forming into a liquid state, thus creating a bubble effect. 

Problem is this pit is way too deep.

NASA has of course provided a variety of theories behind this and other strange holes, ranging from meteorite impacts, collapsing lava tubes to ancient floods, yet according to Lisa May, formerly Lead Program Executive for the Mars Exploration Program at NASA headquarters, there is no conclusive answer. 

Other strange holes, some so deep they are bottomless:

Image result for strange black holes on mars

Image result for strange black holes on mars

Image result for strange black holes on mars

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the information that is being leaked into the public domain. 

The Martian Tubes:

Directly from NASA:

This remarkable “tube,” roughly a mile in length and hundreds of feet wide, appears to cling to a desert canyon wall near the canyon’s bottom, and extend along its entire length. The feature has the appearance of being “translucent,” of being supported at somewhat regular intervals by “ribs,” and of being quite cylindrical … with a localized, internal structure at one point of considerably higher brightness. To define this feature in purely geological terms has been a considerable challenge.

Liquid Water Currently Flows on Mars:

Image result for liquid water on mars

Credits: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

Pyramids Exactly Like Earths’ Seen on Google Mars:

Image result for mars pyramids exactly like earth's

CERN Mars April Fools Joke: A Particle Accelerator Discovered:

Alongside this article they posted another announcing the official discovery of the Force, citing quotes from Ben Kenobi of the University of Mos Eisley, Tatooine. An obvious work of fiction. 

The particle collider article however, was so precise, devoid of humor, and hauntingly accurate.

Know anything about CERN, and you know to ask questions. 

Now I understand that this is NASA (Never A Straight Answer), and that they are technically a private corporation in which the U.S. Government is the majority shareholder (U.S. V. Strang, 254 US 491, Lewis v. US, 680 F.2d, 1239).

Therefore, take it all in with a grain of salt and do your own research. 

Are we being fed this information? Is this report meant to be a message being sent through the elite kingdom, related possibly to CERN and Bilderberg? Or is it somehow slipping through their fingers of control into the public domain. 

One also cannot help but wonder in regards to this newly discovered hole, its symmetrical perfection. 

According to Secureteam, those heavily involved in Mars Operations believe it to be artificial:

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