The Democratic Party’s Ridiculous Plan to Woo Millennial Voters


The Democratic Party is scrambling for ways to lure millennial voters. Despite Hillary Clinton’s matronly warmth and vivacious nature, she was unable to galvanize many young voters in her 2016 bid for the presidency. Some cited this as her “enthusiasm gap.” Nevertheless, wooing these and future voters is pivotal to the future success of the party.

The Democratic Party and Hillary
“Why aren’t I fifty points ahead?!”

The Hill reports that the Democratic National Committee has just the gambit they need to inspire these millions of young people, whom the LA Times affectionately referred to as a “left-wing children’s crusade.” What is their genius plan to usher in the support of the nation’s future?

Campaign finance transparency.

Now, try to stay awake. It only gets more boring from here:

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) plans to overhaul its fundraising operation as it looks to tap into the grassroots energy on the left and fulfill campaign promises made by its new chairman, Tom Perez.”

By “grassroots energy,” they mean Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) “small-dollar-fundraising juggernaut in the 2016 presidential race.” The report states that many of the high-dollar donations have dried up, as big donors have expressed frustration in the wake of the Democratic Party’s 2016 defeat. In other words, the Democratic Establishment has proven itself an unreasonable financial investment.

The Democratic officials hope to draw from Bernie’s campaign email list. Deputy Chairman Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) “leveraged Sanders’ list to raise more than $1 million in small-dollar donations in his bid for DNC chairman….” Neither Bernie nor Hillary have yet shared their email lists with the DNC.

It is important to pause here and remember that former DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) resigned from her post, because leaked emails confirmed that she had coordinated with Hillary Clinton to hinder Bernie Sander’s success. That is a cordial way of saying that she helped to subvert the democratic process and stifle the will of the people — Bernie Sanders voters, to be specific.

In an effort to dig themselves into a deeper trench, the DNC selected for their chair the establishment favorite Thomas Perez over the Bernie-backed Ellison. President Trump took to Twitter to poke fun at the pick, apparently recognizing that the selection was a doubling-down effort of the Democratic Establishment:

The Democratic Party is Collapsing

The DNC hopes to excite youngsters not only by drilling into their financial reserves, but by also being more transparent about how they squander those reserves. They cite the former chairwoman’s “clandestine” budgeting practices and how they hope to depart from that practice.

Having recognized the grassroots fundraising success of Bernie Sanders and, later, of Keith Ellison, the DNC wants to use them to figure out how to raise more money. Comedian and talk show host Jimmy Dore remarks, “Now the guys we keep screwing over and over — maybe we could use them to tap into the people that we keep screwing over!”

That is the DNC’s new plan to woo millennial voters. Rather than discover what it is that drew these voters to Sanders or Ellison in the first place, they want to extract the benefits without changing their modus operandi. The Democratic Party is the “Establishment Party.” Until the people rid themselves of these robber barons and opportunistic cretins, the Party will continue to die a slow death.

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