Yesterday one of the most iconic locations in America suffered an almost unprecedented mass power outage. While the story was quickly picked up by the mainstream media, they opted to focus almost solely on stories of angry tourists rather than question the circumstances surrounding the outage itself. As one can no longer trust the press to perform even the most basic level of proper investigative journalism these days. This leaves us to ask the question; just what really caused this blackout in the first place?

View from Mark Twain, half the park out of power, whole lot of NOPE

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After all with this being the second mysterious large scale power outage in as many weeks, it’s certainly worth at least questioning for a moment just what really happened in Anaheim yesterday. This goes double when you consider that much like the Atlanta airport, it’s not as if Disneyland isn’t equipped with a series of backup generators and other redundant systems designed to ensure incidents like yesterday’s never occur. 

Thus far, Disney has only stated that the outage was caused by an unspecified transformer problem. Not seemingly finding the need to elaborate on the situation beyond that vague statement, and certainly not feeling it necessary to explain why the backup systems failed nor to release any pictures of the allegedly damaged transformers. One might think the press would ask for such things as part of their coverage, but considering we have a mainstream news media, who is in fact partially owned by the company in question. Perhaps it’s not all that surprising these basic questions simply aren’t being asked.

It’s worth noting that this mysterious power outage follows closely in the wake of the companies recent efforts to strengthen its own internal security and Anti-Terrorism efforts. Efforts that included the company just days ago, announcing the removal of “Do Not Disturb” signs from a number of their on resort hotels, and instituting a new policy that all hotel rooms must be entered by Disney employees every single day.

These new extreme security measures are not all that surprising when you consider that the Disney Parks are well documented as being often targeted and threatened by various terrorist groups.  Just last year after all, French authorities arrested five ISIS fighters who were plotting to bomb the local Disneyland Paris park. The infamous Orlando club shooter Omar Mateen, is also known to have previously scouted Disney World as a possible target before opting for the nearby Pulse nightclub.

When you put all these facts together what seems increasingly likely is that sometime prior to yesterday afternoon, Disney or the authorities became aware of a potential attack set to occur inside the park. While private security and potentially more official authorities jumped into action to prevent an incident from occurring, company officials quickly found themselves needing some sort of cover to hide this Counter-Terror operation from the public. Eventually opting to simply cut power in the park, in hopes the chaos and crowds it caused would allow them to handle the situation unnoticed. 

For those that don’t think the company would go to such extreme lengths to hide this, keep in mind Disney has direct experience with just how greatly terror attacks hurt their bottom line. With record low park attendance numbers occurring both in the year following 9/11 and more recently in France after last years devastating ISIS led terror attack in Paris. Given these attacks weren’t even directly targeting the popular theme parks, and still managed to have hugely negative effects on the business. The company can be sure that the public becoming aware of even an unsuccessful attempt at a direct attack on its parks, would easily equate to millions of lost revenue in the coming years. Compared to that reality, a few hours of disgruntled customers is nothing.

The timing of this theoretical attack seems perfect as well. Not only was the park facing capacity Christmas holiday crowds that day, but just this past week Disney angered many by reopening the classic Hall of Presidents attraction. This time featuring a talking robotic version of our current highly controversial President, who gives a rather patriotic Pro-American speech to the audience. Given the above, there may never have been a more appealing time for an attack directed at this American icon of a company than during this past Christmas week. 

There is one final piece of the puzzle that while I cannot verify at this time, I still want to include for your consideration. Some users on 4chan’s popular /pol/ board made mention of the fact that days ago, one anonymous poster made a strange out of place warning to stay away from Disney in the coming days. While unfortunately I have yet to track down a copy of this post myself, included below are some of those claiming to have seen it.

As ever it’s important to take all the above with a grain of salt. However it’s equally important to keep asking questions and remain open minded in a world increasingly closed off and hostile to such things. When dealing with companies as powerful or as in bed with big government as Disney is. The truth often becomes something not so easily discovered. Only by asking questions every chance we get though, is there any hope for it to be found.

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