In a development that is certainly strange but maybe not all that surprising given his fellow students described him as both “creepy and weird.” Newly infamous school shooter Nikolas Cruz appears to have had a YouTube account where he watched a rather strange mix of videos. While many aspects of his account feature precisely the type of things you would expect to see from a future mass killer. Including a personal avatar featuring a rifle, gangster rap, and uploads of violent war games such as Battlefield 4. It also features a somewhat perplexing amount of material aimed at small children.

For example on a playlist created by Cruz for himself entitled only “Dope.” The videos range from footage of Taliban fighters being mowed down, to Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, and Nintendo games. This mix of violence and entertainment aimed at the youngest audience is present everywhere on his channel including his subscriptions, liked videos, and playlists. Another playlist entitled “download” features multiple gangster rap music videos followed immediately by everything from Mickey Mouse to My Little Pony.

Some have suggested that Nikolas possibly used his account to babysit or entertain a younger family member. While this theory would address a one-off video appearing in his view history, it doesn’t explain why various child cartoons dominate his entire channel. Why would our shooter add a Mickey Mouse video into the same “dope” playlist he had already placed brutal footage of people being violently killed? Hardly what someone showing Youtube to a small child would do.It should be noted that while certain obvious features strongly imply this account belonged to the now incarcerated killer. Neither Youtube or the FBI have confirmed that at the time of writing. We do know of another now banned account under the name Nikolas Cruz, that apparently left a comment on the site nine months ago regarding his plans to go on a shooting rampage. A comment which was reported to the FBI, who seemingly chose not to act on the tip. However, given that our shooter liked to go by Nick over Nikolas in the first place it seems entirely possible that this “Nick Cruz” account is in fact, the real deal. Most likely an alt or spare account used by the shooter in combination with the now banned one, which the FBI has also yet to confirm belonged to Mr. Cruz officially.What we should take away from all this, or what it can tell us about the mindset of this clearly troubled teen I leave for you to discuss in the comments below. For now, this will likely remain just an odd footnote in a rather tragic story.

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