It’s no secret that Donald Trump is is not a fan of the EU. In an interview with the Times, Trump said: “The people have spoken. I think the EU is going to break up. I think the EU might break up before anybody thinks in terms of Scotland. I really think that without the immigration issue [the EU] wouldn’t have had a chance of breaking up … the people are fed up, whether it’s here or in other countries. You watch: other countries will follow.” He is not insane in his prediction; ever since the UK announced it’s departure, and perhaps even before that, the Eu has been in shambles. 

Recently, the EU has decided to take Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland to court for failing to accept a decent amount of refugees under a plan agreed on by the European Union. It was agreed upon in September 2015 to relocate 160,000 refugees from Italy and Greece as the countries braced themselves for the arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants that year. But the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland have taken in little to none in two years. Since the beginning of Trump’s presidency, he has shared a special connection with Poland. With it being his second foreign trip since taking office, and with trade climbing up 3.02%, it isn’t an outrageous claim to say that Trump is undoubtedly frustrated at the EU’s inability to back off.   

The Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, are all countries that hold their way of life and culture to high standards. One can understand how they may see what’s happening in places such as Germany and France with their immigration issues, and want nothing to do with it. A flood of immigrants from Muslim cultures would not bode well for Poland. 

However, if they choose not to comply with the European Union’s demands, they may be subject to receiving a hefty fine. At first, the EU threatened to stop funding them all together unless they started accepting migrants. When they shrugged their shoulders and refused, The EU moved on to greater intimidation tactics. 

Donald Trump has also claimed that the European Union was created to quote, “beat the United States when it comes to making money”. Also adding that “the reason that it got together was like a consortium so that it could compete with the United States”. Relations are becoming rocky at best, with an article from Foreign Policy stating:

 His (Trump’s) administration has already indicated that it is preparing for global economic war. The currency war the White House has in mind is clearly aimed not just against China — which has long been suspected of “cheating” in order to win the globalization game — but also Germany: Peter Navarro, the head of the new National Trade Council, claimed that Germany is using its currency to “exploit” both its neighbors and the United States. The White House evidently thinks of the European Union, and the monetary union that established the euro currency, as essentially a mechanism to protect German interests and extend German power — as an instrument of Germany, as Trump himself put it.

Donald Trump understands and practices the concept of “country first”. He also understand and acts on his promises to “drain the swamp.” If that means cutting off aid to Europe until they get their act together, stop harming their people, and stop cheating the United States, Trump just might go for it. At the very least, it’s something he would try. With a move this bold, there are numerous amounts of obstacles and hoops to jump in order to achieve such a feat.       

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