Update: 4chan Trolls Use Drone to Stalk Shia LaBeouf


Shia LaBeouf "He Will Not Divide Us" Display

Drone camera allegedly captures Shia LaBeouf patrolling “He Will Not Divide Us” site in Tennessee.

Sia LeBeouf
Rare Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf (“Eagle Eye,” 2008) recently met his match when a gang of internet trolls entered the real world and sabotaged his anti-Trump “He Will Not Divide Us” campaign. As Squawker.org reported, the trolls corresponded on 4chan and studied LaBeouf’s livestream footage of a flagpole bearing a “He Will Not Divide Us” flag. After observing flight path and star patterns, they discovered the flagpole’s secret location in Tennessee.

Upon discovery, the anons stole LaBeouf’s flag and replaced it with a “Make America Great Again” cap and t-shirt featuring Donald Trump and 4chan’s patron saint, Pepe the frog.

It remains unclear if this is saga is a new performance art piece, or a legitimate act of protest from the “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” (2009) star.

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Shia LaBeouf flag stolen
Alleged drone footage of Shia LaBeouf

In a recent development, posters on 4chan claim to have received aerial drone footage of Shia LaBeouf patrolling the vicinity around the flag pole with what appears to be a baseball bat.

Has hatred for Donald Trump led Shia LaBeouf to officially lose his marbles? The actor, turned activist (or next-level performance artist) was arrested back in January after he assaulted a man at the first iteration of his “He Will Not Divide Us” installation. Is he willing to take matters into his own hands again?

What will be the next phase in the “Shia LaBeouf vs. /pol/” saga? One poster provides a theory of where this could lead next:

  • Shia LaBeouf on 4chan
    4chan poster’s theoryyear 2018

    Shia LaBeouf has moved the HWNDU flag hundreds of times at this point

  • Contracts SpaceX for a very important mission
  • Pays them 8 billion dollars to ship a streaming camera, a flag pole, and a HWNDU flag to the dark side of the moon
  • hewillnotdivide.us is now streaming the HWNDU flag backdropped by featureless black void (You can’t really stars in the moon’s night sky.)
  • /pol/ quickly realizes it’s on the dark side cause you can never see earth
  • /pol/ applies special radiation filters to the feed in order to create a map of radiation exposure
  • cross-references it with moon’s exposure to sun
  • Triangulates it to an area of about a square mile all in about two days
  • Within a week a moon probe is created to check to see if their calculations are right
  • Orbital plan made within a day
  • Launched the next day.
  • Within a couple of days the location is pinpointed
  • Within a week a fully fledged moon lander has been crowdfunded
  • Built and orbital plan laid out by next week
  • Launched half a week later
  • Anon captures the HWNDU flag and leaves a Kekestani one on the pole
  • This keeps happening with different planets and moons until /pol/ has visited every single body in the solar system
  • Post YFW /pol/ gets mankind out of the Oort Cloud by the time Trump’s presidency is completed

In the mean time, Shia LaBeouf must first exhaust all of the hiding places on earth.