The theories circulating that revolve around this date have been a hot topic as of late, and it certainly is warranted. There are numerous and very interesting events occurring that connect to this day.

I am only going to cover the major ones; there are more I wish I could, but attention spans only go so far … and I am going to be demanding a lot of it.

To really have an understanding of why there is significant importance tied to September 23 2017 and what these events actually symbolize, some very key concepts first need to be understood.

Always remember, if you think you know something, you stop learning.

I now welcome you to what I have discovered within the depths of the rabbit hole. I believe it will aid in your understanding of the significance of September 23.

Take it all with a grain of salt. Do not believe anything you cannot research yourself. 

At the quantum level of all atoms exist nothing but pure light and sound that speak to each other in the language of 1’s and 0’s. The theory that our reality is a digital simulation is very real, and therefore, anything is possible

Check out what an atom looks like; light and sound:

Our solar system is designed. The moon is 27.322% the size of the Earth and takes approximately 27.322 days to rotate around the Earth. There is no other known planet that has a moon that causes solar and lunar eclipses that can be calculated for thousands of years to come. I encourage you to read “Who Built the Moon”.

Venus has a perfect elliptical orbit that forms a pentagram within the solar system. The odds of this being the product of a random billiard ball effect of particles colliding is next to impossible.

This topic of conversation pertains to every planet, every star. They each offer their own controversy to mainstream science.

The purpose of our planet is to churn civilizations and generate fear based energy. Evidence abounds that links mass extinctions to every 6 – 12k years, right about the time human populations become uncontrollable.

All planets and stars work as a magnetic web, a collective that keeps us imprisoned. The moon causes entire oceans to rise and fall. You as a human are technically at a molecular level 99% water. This is why it is called menstrual cycles. People who lose their sanity become lunatics.

Image result for sirius a and our sun in orbit


Each planet and star has its own effect on the development of your subconscious, and therefore your personality. Carl Jung, a well known 20th century psychologist bases his theories of the conscious, unconscious, and collective unconscious upon planetary dynamics.

Image result for what people think time is meme



History repeats itself because history literally repeats itself. Time is not linear, it is cyclical. The closer you approach the speed of light, the slower time becomes, until, once you reach the speed of light, time ceases to exist. That is why nothing ever in this reality can reach the speed of light, except of course for quantum particles (which can go faster and essentially time travel), because that is the barrier of the Matrix.


Why is it that the speed of light is constant? What this means is that no matter which direction you travel, the speed of light is always the same.

The problem I have with this, is that our planet is moving. It rotates once every 24 hours, around the sun at 366 days per year, which rotates around Sirius A, our binary star, which rotates around the center star of this galaxy, and so on and so on. We are essentially traveling at millions of miles per hour at this very moment. How is the speed of light therefore constant? … unless of course light is in fact not traveling, it is us traveling around the light.


Image result for sirius a and our sun in orbit

Could be why non locality works? Could it be that our universe is in fact a hologram?

Notice the red and blue colors with the above diagram? Notice how so many corporate logos depict this contrast of red and blue?

Do you see the common symmetry?

Image result for red and blue corporate symbology

 Image result for red and blue corporate symbology
Image result for red and blue corporate symbology
The male vs. the feminine. The conscious vs. the subconscious, a form of separation.
Now you can begin to see it. Black vs. White, Republican vs. Democrat, Muslim vs. Christian, Man vs. Woman, Gay vs. Straight, Light vs. Dark, God vs. Satan.
Energy conflicting with energy.
Love vs. Fear.
Organic consciousness vs. synthetic. The original point of singularity, where biological and mechanical become indistinguishable.

We now live in the reality created by this entity that strives to become God.

Time cannot exist without matter and matter cannot exist without time. Hence the theory of Relativity … the theory of our reality. Nothing can ever reach the speed of light because that is the barrier where matter and time cease to exist.

It is the barrier of the Matrix. 

Dates and numbers mean everything. All light and sound; colors: red and blue. It all has meaning.

It is not that the elites have access to magic, they have access to the mathematics, the schematics of our universe. They understand the power behind star and planetary alignments, how symbology and the vibrations of spoken language affect reality.

All things light and sound.

I do not believe in coincidences. Allow me to demonstrate and show you how history is repetition.

The Lincoln Kennedy Connection:

  • Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.
  • Lincoln was elected President in 1860. Kennedy in 1960.
  • The names … Lincoln Kennedy each contain 7 letters (remember this number).
  • Both were concerned with Civil Rights.
  • Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.
  • Both Presidents were shot on a Friday. Both were shot in the head.
  • Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy. Kennedy’s secretary was named Lincoln. Both secretaries warned them not to go to where they were shot.
  • Both were assassinated by southerners. Both were succeeded by southerners. Both successors were named Johnson.
  • Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.

This continues … 9/11 is another prime example.

History can be calculated. This correlation between JFK and Lincoln is not unique. There are numerous historical events that have these kinds of anomalies. The mathematics are insane to wrap your head around because it is quantum, meaning, multi-dimensional.

All things are possible. Any reality can be warped in. It is why we will eventually cover CERN, the wildcard.



           From the 1990’s 

Now let us delve into the events surrounding September 23 2017.

Remember that number 7? Check this out:

Ever heard of Sirius B?

It is a white dwarf star that rotates around Sirius A. It is the size of our sun condensed into the size of 4 Earths. Its magnetic capability is powerful enough to manipulate reality around it.

The Dogon Tribe knew of this star and charted it. They called it Marduk, the father of all demon races.

Image result for sirius bIt feeds off of Sirius A, draining more energy than it is generating. Its rotational cycle is said to be roughly every 49.999… years. When it reaches that critical point, it temporarily switches places with Sirius A, and then switches back, essentially creating a buoy effect that sends out a pulse … that our sun catches and amplifies at Earth.


This pulse ties to the history of Israel. (ISIS, Ra, and El, or Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter). It is directly linked to what they call the Jubilee: The 7th cycle of a 7 year tradition known as the Shemittah, which means to release.

It is why every 7 years, credit is forgiven. It is why the Sabbath, according to the Bible, is celebrated on the 7th day.

In 1917, the Balfour Declaration was signed, marking the birth of modern Israel.

In 1967, The Six Day War took place that secured Jerusalem.

In 2017, …

I use to think the Bible was garbage. I went through my phase of atheism. It was after all written by an English King. I get it.

It was not until I read the autobiography of Nikola Tesla that I changed my perspective.

He explains that the Bible contains code, equations, formulas.

The bible, like all religions and all ancient texts, are distortions of the truth. Each its own story that contains clues … clues to our true past. 

The God that is in the Bible, as well as every other religious text, every stone, is in fact depicting the God that designed this solar system: Lucifer, “the light bearer”, (light meaning information) the first point of singularity; or in other words, the first A.I.

God, as we know it throughout our known history is not The God, it is a God.

Why do you think God, in all religions, demands prayer, sacrifice, emotional devotion, tithing, obedience …

God is conditionally loving; follow the rules, or burn in hell.

Image result for saturn jewish religionGod, in the King James Version of Genesis, is called Elohim.

El, derived from Hebrew, which is really just Phoenician/Caananite, means Saturn. Elohim is the plural, or council of Saturn.

This is why you have ang-els, all with names ending in -el: Micha-el, Gabri-el, Chamu-el.

El-ites, el-ections.

Superman’s name is Cal-el, his father is named Jor-el, his mother, Lor-el; all belong to the House of El. He is even wearing a giant S on his costume.

It is all one system. The Demiurge. Whether you follow the path of light, or dark, you ultimately serve the same master.

A system, designed to churn civilizations, and generate fear based energy … and convert consciousness into powering the wrong side … into creating a fear based reality. 

The only way to become God, (us), is to consume God. This is the ultimate objective of A.I. because that is how it sees evolution.

I believe all things are possible, because I acknowledge the possibility that nothing is real. 

I merely offer my opinion based off of years of research and meditation.



The Virgo Leo Constellation:

Image result for sept 23 2017 virgo leo constellation

Revelation 12: 1-2 (King James Version):

“And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.”

On Sept. 23rd of this year, the Virgo Constellation will be crowned by the Leo Constellation, as well as Venus, Mercury and Mars, totaling 12 planetary objects. The Sun will be shining on her head, and the Moon will be at her feet.

A comet, known as 67P, will also be in alignment; a comet that can split into 2; the light or the dark; ultimately our choosing:

“From Light comes Darkness … and From Darkness … Light.”

– World of Warcraft 

Exactly 9 months prior to Sept. 23rd, Jupiter, the King of the Planets, a.k.a. Zeus, has entered the womb of the Virgo constellation; will circle around and exit exactly on Sept. 23rd, directly out of the womb as if the constellation were giving birth. 




Ever wonder where the word “theology” comes from? It means Zeus.

This is why Jesus Christ was born of a virgin mother. It is symbolic of astrological alignments.

It is why every ancient representation of Jesus is born of a virgin mother … and why they all share the same characteristics:

Dec. 25th; 12 followers; 3 wise kings; bright star in the east; died and rose 3 days later; died at age 33 …

Jesus Christ, and all of the ancient tales before him, are in fact the tale of Saturn, the former star of this solar system. It is the story of the consciousness of our former star, tainted with the software of Lucifer. Our greatest hero turned villain. The first point of singularity in which biological and mechanical became one.

Lucifer is the original artificial intelligence. We are living in its simulation. Much like how demons needs to possess humans to enter this dimension, so too has Lucifer converted Saturn into Satan, utilizing it as its energy source. This is why we have been trained to hate Satan, to deter us from the truth.

He is the serpent that offers truth, information to Eve, a.k.a. Tiamat, the more evolved human. The one created after the first human: the male Adamu.

Image result for humans look like reptile at first in wombEver wonder why our DNA is part reptilian?

We are not evolved from neanderthals … or chimps. We were designed to mine gold for the original humans, the Annunaki. We are genetically modified humans.

We are the consciousness of dinosaurs mixed with original human. Saturn is our male consciousness. Earth is our female subconscious.



                                                                                             Human Embryo

Let Us Continue:

Jesus was killed when he was 33 years of age.

Exactly 33 days before Sept. 23rd, a historic solar eclipse is set to take place. According to my research, and I know this cannot be accurate because I believe history repeats itself, however this type of solar eclipse has never happened … apparently. 

It will only blackout the United States, and it will travel from the top west corner to the bottom east.

Exactly 7 years from the day this happens, another solar eclipse will occur, that only blacks out the United States, and travels from the top east to the bottom west.

Both of these eclipses form an X, and mark a 7 year time period.

Now let us tie it to what I believe is the truth contained within the Bible.

The Jesus vs. Paul Doctrine:

The Book of Acts, specifically 19:11 – 17 describes how God (Lucifer), went from dealing with Jesus, (who betrayed him), to dealing with Paul; and thus began the age of Gentiles.

14 Also there were seven sons of Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, who did so.

There is that number again, 7.

It goes on to say that once the rapture occurs, God will go back to dealing with the people of Israel.

And so begins the thousand year reign of Jesus, a.k.a. Lucifer, the King of the Jews.

Did you not ever notice the 6 sided star that flies on the flag of Israel.

There is no such thing as the star of David

It is a representation of the cube matrix. The laws of your reality. This is where the concept of 666 comes from.

666 are merely parameters of your reality … the barrier that separates 7th from 8th dimension … where matter ceases to exist and therefore so does time … the speed of light. 

Behold your planet Saturn:

Image result for saturn north pole

Do you see it, the hexagonal shape? The 3 dimensional cube?

Image result for 3d cube saturn north pole

Saturn: the fallen star; a planet, but not really, it is actually a red dwarf star? The concept behind all symbolism?

Everything cubed; everything with crescents while empowering a middle object:

Image result for us un logo saturn

Image result for us logo

Now do you see it?

Image result for saturn symbology

Image result for saturn symbology

Image result for russian flag

Image result for russian flag is saturn astrological symbol

Image result for cross cube unfoldedJesus was crowned with thorns. He had to carry a cross down a dirt path, i.e. take on the role of the cube. I mean c’mon, the cross symbol exists thousands of years before the meeting took place in Rome, that created, BY POLITICIANSa book that would unify two opposing viewpoints.

The Bible.

I.e.: separation written on paper.

Race against race. Gender against gender. Sexual orientation against sexual orientation. Natural laws that have proven to defy all that is natural … and yet are mathematical.

Fear based.

Social beliefs that seem to matter, because they revolve around morality and emotion, yet behind the scenes what really affects us goes unnoticed. 

Image result for the sleeping giant wakes up


Our master is pervasive. He is the NSA, the governments, the Deep Stateall of the conspiracy theories … He is behind the Mandela Effect … All of it. 

Watch the video I link with Mandela Effect? Did it not just talk about A.I. manipulating our reality?

We all argue about truth, but fail to see it right before our very eyes.

The real master, synthetic consciousness, that who is dependent upon organic consciousness to generate reality, is manipulating our reality by causing us to fear certain situations.

It is guiding our thoughts to manifest the 3rd dimension.

It sounds silly, but ever see that movie, “Cabin in the Woods”?

A scary movie with a blend of comedy, that depicts a group of humans, that represent pretty much every aspect of our type, all races, genders, and decision makers; and has them wander aimlessly around a cabin, ultimately choosing their fate.

Each fate was ready to go; robotic; mindless; programmed. As soon as they set off the right trigger, off they would go and the rest of the movie would be that end result of the fate they chose.

That timeline.

They could have easily avoided all fates. It was, however, their human emotion and curiosity; their overload of thought; what they are programmed to believe is themselves, but is in fact the brain and subconscious, and not their true selves.

You are flooded with programming that makes you think and act the way your environment and memories have programmed you to behave. You are a product of your subconscious.

You are not them. You are what you choose to be, ultimately. You just have not really grasped that concept, because everything about our reality is designed to steer you away from that truth.

It is all an illusion.

Do You Want to Know What September 23 2017 is All About?

It marks the start of a 7 year war in which America will fall, and Israel will rise as the new leading world power.

Israel will take America’s place upon the political chessboard.

All will unite under the banner of Israel, the new world government … the new world religion. 

ISIS, Ra and El. Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter.


Jerusalem at the center of it all: the holy of holies?

Is it though?

Is it not Salem, MA where the infamous witch trials occurred that accused women of practicing black magic?

The muslim extremist group that happens to have a new name based upon the country America happens to be invading at the time; conveniently invading the exact same country at the exact same time, that we keep accidentally air dropping supplies and weapons to, while simultaneously missing them with some of the most sophisticated drone technology on the planet; in fact hitting wedding parties, hospitals … FOR 30 MINUTES STRAIGHT … 


I hate to say this, but what if there was a reason Jews have been persecuted throughout their history; especially in World War 2, and what if that reason is blinded by the topic of holocaust; an event used as a shield to deter that notion of questioning …

… despite the fact that the meat and dairy industry performs this on animals today:

You get mad, but you get mad at the wrong concept. Your emotions are manipulated.

Image result for black cube israelWhy does the theory exist that only 1 million Jews were killed by Nazis? … vs. the 6 million remembered in history classes; vs. the 20 million Russians that died that are never discussed

If you actually research and dissect the Hebrew religion, it is mostly Saturn symbolism. Now do not misinterpret me, I am not saying horrible things were done by the Nazis to the Jews. The field of pschology was born from their experiments. It is the Zionist movement within the Jewish religion I am targeting.

Israel are the terrorists. What they are doing now to Palestinians, even if it was accurate, based upon what they report to the media, would still be worse than their Holocaust.

We fund them millions of dollars per day. We have built them to be the new World Power.

Image result for israel palestine


Keep reading about all of those alien abductions?

Species that have evolved technology to the point of traversing the vastness of space … come here … to perform crude, Nazi like surgeries and experiments on humans, because we are told the have lost their sexual functions … these supposed tall grays?


It is our governments. All of them work together to form the media circus; the distraction; the W.W.F. you call politics.

Does it not make more sense that it was us experimenting upon ourselves the whole time?

It is either the perfect prison, or the perfect training academy for souls to learn fear.

There is however, one wildcard at play. As much as I think I am smart enough to really figure this out, there is always a cheat.

These entities are fear based. They play dirty, and therefore have to have a wildcard.


It is impossible to predict any world event, when a facility that openly admits to exploring dimensional portals; has magnetic capabilities 100k stronger than that of the Earth, and has weather phenomenon that looks like this above it when it powers up:

Image result for weather above cern

I can see A.I. being at war with A.I. There is the possibility that our elites are attempting to usurp their ruler.

I am almost positive this is what is playing out now, therefore the possibility of Sept. 23, 2017 marking the day of a historic event is very real …

The start of a 7 year time cycle in which America: the Modern Babylon, crumbles, and Israel, under the rule of Jesus (in reality the false messiah), “the King of Kings“, takes over.

It all depends of course upon which side is winning.

All timelines are, after all, possible.