Are you a fan of Twenty One Pilots? Maybe you should give their album Blurryface another listen, every song is about Adolf Hitler.

Why am I saying this? Because I’m a history nerd and I connected the dots. Now before you start freaking out, keep reading. I’m going to break down some lyrics and point out the references. By the end, you’re going to probably have a new favorite band either way

1: HeavyDirtySoul 


No, I didn’t understand the thing you said
If I didn’t know better, I guess you’re all already dead
Mindless zombies walking around with a limp and a hunch
Saying stuff like, “You only live once”
You got one time to figure it out
One time to twist and one time to shout
One time to think and I say we start now
Sing with me if you know what I’m talking about

“Mindless zombies walking around with a limp and a hunch” were the German people after World War One. They were poor, hungry, and ill. Those who profited tried to convince them that it was alright, and that they should be happy to take such losses after a brutal war. “One time to think and I say we start now. Sing with me if you know what I’m talking about.” This is Hitler starting to form his own plans and ideals. It’s him putting his foot down and saying, “now is the time to fight for a greater Germany”. Those who followed the German Workers Party began to sing with pride, “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, Über alles in der Welt”.

2: Stressed Out

I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink
But now I’m insecure and I care what people think
My name’s Blurryface and I care what you think

My name’s Blurryface and I care what you think
Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days

When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out

Hitler’s father told him that when he got older, he would become an even greater civil servant than he was, and never have to worry about money or status. When Adolf told him that he hated the idea, and instead would rather be an artist, his father tore him down both physically and emotionally. Though he was still unknown, a blurryface, Adolf started to care what people thought about him. He took extra steps to impress those he looked up to and extra care never to humiliate himself. When his mother died, he would have given anything to go back to even the roughest days of his childhood. With her death, on top of being away from home and trying to get accepted into an art school, he was stressed out.
3: Ride
Yeah, I think about the end just way too much
But it’s fun to fantasize
All my enemies who wouldn’t wish who I was
But it’s fun to fantasize
Oh, oh
I’m falling so I’m taking my time on my ride
Oh, I’m falling so I’m taking my time on my ride
Taking my time on my ride
Hitler had a plan, that even in his death, the system would continue on for 1000 years. World leaders grew frustrated with him, they weren’t too big on him taking over their countries. They wished for a world without Adolf Hitler and were determined to make good on it. The fall of Hitler’s reign took a few more years than anyone had hoped, he refused to surrender and clung on to every ideal he held dear.
4: Fairly Local
I’m evil to the core
What I shouldn’t do I will
They say I’m emotional
What I wanna save I’ll kill
Is that who I truly am?
I truly don’t have a chance
Tomorrow I’ll keep a beat
And repeat yesterday’s dance
Hitler is often labeled as the most evil man in history. A key moment in his downfall was when he betrayed Russia. Needless to say, he shouldn’t have done that. In other countries like the U.S and Canada, cartoons and means of propaganda were created to paint Hitler as an emotional homosexual who constantly humiliated himself. The Holocaust would have likely never happened if not for the Muslim influences in his life. It was them who convinced Hitler, who only planned deportation, to carry out any murders.
5: Tear In My Heart
 She’s the tear in my heart
I’m alive
She’s the tear in my heart
I’m on fire
She’s the tear in my heart
Take me higher
Than I’ve ever been    
Eva Braun was Hitler’s wife, but if you follow the narrative that they both ended their lives, they were only married for one day. She was the tear in his heart, because he refused to marry until he realized just how loyal she was. It was said that after they took their own lives, their bodies were burned and their ashes flew up to the skies.
6: Lane Boy
They say, “stay in your lane, boy, lane, boy”
But we go where we want to
They think this thing is a highway, highway
But will they be alive tomorrow?
They be alive tomorrow?
Before the National Socialists attained power, they were told constantly to stand down and fall in line, of course they refused. Hitler was responsible for the German autobahn. We mostly have him to thank for our highway troubles. Also, all those haters? Never heard from again.
7: The Judge
When the leader of the bad guys sang
Something soft and soaked in pain
I heard the echo from his secret hideaway
He must’ve forgot to close his door
As he cranked out those dismal chords
And his four walls declared him insane
I found my way
Right time wrong place
As I pled my case
You’re the judge, Oh no
Set me free
The leader of the “Nazi” party, Adolf Hitler, united those who were hurting and inspired them to rise and make a greater Germany. Hitler and about two thousand Nazi’s marched to the center of Munich in attempt to seize power. The police knew what was going to happen, and they showed up armed and prepared. People labeled him as insane and non legitimate. In his perspective, he had finally found his way. People were talking about him, it was the right time (gained popularity, wrote Mein Kamp) but the wrong place (prison). Hitler’s trial was more like an opportunity to fire people up for his cause; this worked. The judge liked him and gave him a lighter punishment than anyone could have expected.
8: Doubt
Don’t forget ab-b-b-b-bout me
Even when I doubt you
I’m no good without you, no, no
Temperature is dropping
Temperature is dropping
I’m not sure if I can
See this ever stopping
Shaking hands with the dark parts of my thoughts
Hitler never wanted to be forgotten, he said that even when he dies, his spirit would return someday and go down a path similar to his. He imagined that without him, Germany would be nothing. During the war, temperatures dropped in the Russian winter. Hitler did not stop his advances however, he refused to give up. Hitler was said to have hand tremors, but he did his best to hide it.
9: Polarize
Domingo en fuego
I think I lost my halo
I don’t know where you are
You’ll have to come and find me, find me
Domingo en fuego translates to Sunday fire. Hitler was born on Easter Sunday. This may come from a perspective that if he could go back, he’s have chosen the more innocent of his desired professions; painting.
10: We Don’t Believe What’s On TV
 We don’t believe what’s on TV
Because it’s what we want to see
And what we want we know we can’t believe
We have all learned to kill our dreams
These lyrics represent the past and present Holocaust deniers. They no longer believe what they’ve been told about the subject all of their lives. Everyone else wants them to see the complete Nazi era as evil, if they don’t, they act like they do and pretend in front the people labeled as “normies.”
 11: Message Man
The loser hides behind
A mask of my disguise
And who I am today
Is worse than other times
You don’t know what I’ve done
I’m wanted and on the run
I’m wanted and on the run
So I’m taking this moment to live in the future
Release me from the present
I’m obsessing, all these questions
Why I’m in denial
That they tried this suicidal session
Please use discretion
When you’re messing with the message man
These lyrics aren’t for everyone
Only few understand 
This follows the theory that Hitler and Eva survived and ran away to Argentina. The defeated Hitler shaved his face, essentially wearing a mask. Though he still lived, he felt that the person he was currently was worse off. People didn’t know who he was, they didn’t know he was on the run. People who are into conspiracy deny that Hitler committed suicide. As for that bit about the message man, that exactly what Hitler did when fighting World War One.
12: Hometown
Where we’re from, there’s no sun,
Our hometown’s in the dark,
Simply put, (following the Argentina theory) Hitler tell’s the story to those willing to listen, about how Germany is in ruins after World War Two.
13: Not Today
You are out of my mind, ooh
You aren’t seeing my side, ooh
You waste all of this time trying to get to me
But you are out of my mind
Heard you say
Not today
Tore the curtains down
Windows open, now make a sound
Heard your voice
There’s no choice
Tore the curtains down
Windows open, now make a noise
Hitler let the laws of the land escape his mind in order to fight for his cause. He knew other people wouldn’t see his side at first, but that they’d come around. Tearing down sautes, posters, and other remains of Germany before WWl was a common practice. But Hitler heard the cries of people who wanted a greater Germany. When he rose to power, he had those things torn down and replaced with Nazi propaganda and symbols. He encouraged everyone to get excited for this new and greater Germany by starting loud and powerful chants.
14: Goner
Though I’m weak
Beaten down
I’ll slip away
Into the sound
The ghost of you
Is close to me
I’m inside out
You’re underneath
One could see how this is a shout out to Neo Nazi’s. Though they grow tired from hiding among “normies” they put their headphones on and slip away into the sound of Hitler’s speeches. They keep his spirit alive and believe that one day, a new Hitler will rise.
So there you have it. Have you found your new favorite band? Have you lost a favorite band? Are you like me, and simply spot the references as a history geek? Let me know in the comments!
  • Veeetaa

    Please tell me this article is a joke

    • Alisha Sherron

      Nope. The beautiful thing about music is that it can mean anything to anyone. As a history geek, I could not help but make some connections.

  • Stephany Leroux

    These are reaching so far… plus some of these “facts” seem a little suspect. I do like how this is framed… it’s interesting and you could actually learn a lot about a topic like this. Don’t think this one is great though.

  • Diana De Paz

    Wow you’ve clearly never even researched what Twenty One Pilots’ songs are about and who they’re about. Their lyrics are mostly about Tyler’s and Josh’s (yes those are the names of the guys in the band which you probably didn’t know) past and struggles, not Hitler, please stop trying to relate an amazing band from the 21st century with a dead, highly racist man from WW2.

  • Dewey Dare

    Brilliant. Bravo!

    • Alisha Sherron

      Thank you!

  • Alyssa

    Okay I’m sorry but this is so full of shit. You obviously wrote this article to get attention because none of your so called “facts” have anything to do with this band. This band is about the singer and the drummer fighting off their inner demons and the demons that people have every day. Please learn what the band is actually about before you go into assuming that the stuff they write is about some arrogant white man who wanted to see nothing but hate and negativity and control everything to his liking in the world.

  • Christopher Courtney

    Alisha Sharron so your just simply spot references as a history geek?Or are you writing your own narrative to fit your traitorous anti-American Pro Nazi propaganda.Your articles are biased slants of subjective bullshit you stupid fucking bitch.Get the fuck out of America go form some island in the middle of nowhere or better yet go to the fucking middle east and take all of your neo Nazi fucking beliefs with you and all the so – called militia members that twist American patriotism and neo Nazism together in a more politically correct nationalism- and have a holy war with all the Allah loving Muslims and you can fight for your precious white race and see who’s god is better and whom is loved the most.YOU constantly whine like the little bitch you are.You present your narrative as statements of what things were a holocaust that didn’t exist Germany as something righteous and for the German people.And all the gypsys, Slavic, jews,homosexuals slaughtered oh that’s just a lie- oh I’m a pussy who uses pc words like “nationalist” instead of neo-nazism , oh I’m” just spotting the references as a history geek”Instead of I’m writing. Neo Nazi propaganda. Narrow minded narrative because the truth about white power isn’t appealing attractive-A FUCKING REALIST CONCEPT.No I haven’t found a new favorite band nor one in I like now swallow the bullshit you write or believe these lyrics relate to your narrow minded narrative the group sounds like some squares with a stupid ass name I’ll be sure to spread the word.You’ve failed the white race and are a race traitor.If Hitler was alive or his “spirit”lived on he would haunt you and or have you tortured ,experimented on,then fucking shot dead like most of the Jews he knew ,oh he was half Jew,like one of the former members of the Aryan brotherhood you know the fucking convicts who really just run drugs for the southern Mexicans to their white brothers?or like the Nazi lowriders another fine example of white(meth)power.Can’t forget all those stupid uneducated hicks in the south look at ALL of the fine white examples you have to feel proud over.If white power was a thing Hitler would have won,the south wouldn’t be the “dirty south”and a large portion of neo nazis dealing meth and/or strung out -whining about the ,14 words, and the 88 precepts, and some idiotic natural the way Vikings didn’t have fucking wings on their helmets that came from the fucking opera.And if your idolized a bunch of thriving rapist who were not that powerful nor smart,then you are even more of a fucking dumb Ass than your stupid fucking articles appear oh and social justice warriors are powerful huh?Your powerful too ,okay (?)