Cameron Kaskey made headlines overnight when he now famously asked Senator Rubio on live TV if he would agree to never again accept donations from the National Rifle Association of America. Seemingly positioning himself as the new face of gun control in America, Kasky has received much praise in the hours following his encounter with Mr. Rubio. What’s odd about this story, is that the mainstream press hasn’t felt it worth mentioning in all the coverage surrounding Cameron that he has a long public history of political extremism. Even going so far as making death threats against Conservatives, and celebrating the recent assault of Libertarian-leaning Senator Rand Paul. Posts like the one above have been made the on young activists Facebook page for some time now. This is hardly the case of an average teen only suddenly caring about gun control issues after being involved in a mass shooting. Rather Cameron, much like his fellow survivor and student crusader David Hogg, has a well-established history of radical politics all pre-dating the recent attack. Just take the below post for example, where Cameron says the average Republican is lucky he doesn’t punch them in the face.One would think America would never put on a pedestal anyone who feely advocated violence against almost half the country. Yet that is exactly what most on the Left are doing, as they rush to call this young man the voice of future America. CNN even turned their site over to Cameron, allowing him to publish an opinion piece on their website where he stated his Generation won’t stand for this. Another thing Mr. Kasky won’t stand for? Apparently living NRA members, who he believes all deserve to commit suicide. 

For now, Cameron is busy making plans for his big March For Our Lives protest, set to hit the capital March 24th. An event sure to get large amounts of positive media attention from all sides, if only because even the Right-leaning media seems terrified at the idea of not taking as gospel, everything coming out of these students mouths.

While it is surely tragic what happened to the victims of the Stoneman Douglas massacre. Only one man is to blame, the one who pulled the trigger. Any anger placed elsewhere is just as misguided as sympathy provided towards someone who is trying to use that tragedy to fuel his personal political agenda. Let us hope that Cameron Kaskey quietly disappears once his 15 minutes of fame are over, as I think we can all agree that America’s next generation deserves a better spokesperson.

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