According to Command Sgt. Maj. Terrance McWilliams of the U.S. Army, “weight can cost lives on the battlefield.” This is why the continued obesity issues faced by America’s children is an issue our military is increasingly concerned with. Due at least in part to the recent “Body Positive” message being pushed on us all by the Regressive Left, any efforts once made towards getting Americans back in shape has now seemingly been lost. In the modern Liberal mind fat is something simply to be accepted rather than fought.

It’s this increasingly widespread Pro-Fat mindset that has our military masterminds troubled. With Pro-Military nonprofit organization, The Council for a Strong America having stated “the obesity epidemic is contributing to an unprecedented readiness problem for our armed forces.” In many states up to 70% or more of teens are ineligible for military service due to issues including weight. This is why Strong America’s Director Michael Cooke has said, “the nonprofit sees the goal of slimmer kids as more than a military imperative.”

With the Army looking to bring in up to 80,000 new recruits next year, this has started to become a real issue. Already our armed services were forced to ease standards in both Iraq and Afghanistan recently to allow for heavier troops. This despite almost all senior military personal calling this a dangerous move. McWilliams even stating, “When you have people who aren’t physically fit, it degrades the accomplishment of the mission.”

Image result for Health at Every SizeThe question now becomes what can be done to fix this in a nation where at least 1 in 3 young adults is too fat to meet enlistment criteria. Especially when efforts like providing healthier school lunches are now suddenly meeting active resistance from some on the left. With the fat but fit, and health at every size movement now seriously arguing we shouldn’t be fighting childhood obesity but rather childhood fat shaming instead.

Even among already active personnel this has become an increasing issue with the “military seeing a 61 percent rise in obesity since 2002 among its active duty forces, driving up obesity-related health care spending and costs to replace unfit military personnel.” While a rational minded individual would assume for practical reasons that our military forces aren’t likely to give up on the fight against fat anytime soon. If modern extreme liberals get into office who knows what they might try and force through? Already more of these extreme obese types do seem to be finding ways into elected office. So is it that unlikely they won’t just accuse the military of promoting fat prejudice and force them to abandon all restrictions one day? After all it’s not like the left tends to care what science has to say when it comes to weight issues.

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