Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is infamous for offering a campaign plan for Hillary Clinton’s closest aides back in 2014. Moreover, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has stated that Google is “directly engaged” in the Clinton campaign. This explains the plethora of exclusively positive search suggestions provided by Google for the term “Hillary Clinton” during the 2016 presidential election, opting to suggest searches such as “is awesome” or “is winning.” As far as sketch goes, Schmidt is on the heavy end of the scale.

Other than participating in degenerate political scandals, Schmidt is your friendly neighborhood businessman. Having abused Google’s artificial distinctions to avoid paying billions of British pounds in corporation tax, admitting that Google users’ information is not private, and meeting with the Pizzagate-related figure John Podesta, Schmidt is your run-of-the-mill social elite.

A barely-known but defining characteristic of Schmidt’s, however, is his profound, $15 million sex penthouse in Manhattan, NY, and a small army of young blonde girls whom he follows on Instagram.

Google executive Eric Schmidt owns a soundproofed, 6,250-square-foot duplex with a private elevator in Manhattan (Page Six).

Schmidt has been documented as a rather wealthy womanizer, as in the summer of 2013, inside sources claimed that “the tech mogul was embarking on a tour of the French Riviera and asked his aides to find alluring female companions to ‘decorate his yacht .'” Despite his nearly 40-year-old marriage to Wendy Boyle, a prolific philanthropist and businesswoman, Schmidt has been recorded to have had private visits with other women. The married couple live separate lives, because, according to Boyle, she felt like a piece of luggage following him all over the world.

Unfortunately, Silicon Valley’s sexual issues are a little deeper than an old guy getting his rocks off.

Dov Katz, a senior leader for Facebook’s Oculus (a virtual reality project), is also guilty of sexual scandal. In December 2016, Katz was charged for “communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.” To be explicit, Katz was offering a 15-year-old girl $360 to have unprotected sexual intercourse. Unfortunately for him, what he had assumed to be his prey for the night was really an undercover police officer.

Katz was the head of Oculus’s “computer vision,” which is the ability of technology to allow cameras to see and understand objects in the real world. Facebook fired Katz early in 2017.

Zainali Jaffer, the co-founder and CEO of advertising platform Vungle, has recently been placed on an indefinite leave after being arrested for a litany of crimes. On this extensive list are cases of Jaffer sexually abusing his own children, among others. According to Little India, “Jaffer, who is of Indian descent, has a three-year-old son and one-year-old daughter. He is accused of felony assault, lewd act upon a child, and other related charges.”

Silicon Valley’s technocratic rule over a sizeable portion of the private sector, compared with these findings, is disgusting and ought to be picketed. Six months ago, if one were to bring up the topic of pedophilia, sexual assault, or the general degeneracy latent in the beast that is Hollywood, they would be laughed at or, at best, be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. However, with the advent of Harvey Weinstein and many, many subsequent and revisited sexual assault allegations posed against prominent Hollywood figures such as Kevin Spacey, Seth Rogen, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, and Bryan Singer, one must wonder exactly how conspiratorial such musings should be considered.

Between the 1990s and 2015, popular film producer Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted or harassed at least thirteen women who were interviewed during a recent ten-month investigation. This news hit the world by storm, and various media outlets have exploded because of these immoral acts. However, it is apparent that most of the recent outrage is due to Weinstein’s actions in and of themselves rather than the real evil at hand; that is, that this scandal was somehow capable of continuing for as long as it did. 

Weinstein’s abuse of women has apparently been an ongoing affair for decades, and the masses are justified in their reaction against this; however, the most disturbing aspect off this situation is that so many people covered up for him.

Sharon Waxman, founder of The Wrap, claims that actors Matt Damon and Russell Crowe made “direct appeals to Waxman to vouch for Fabrizio Lombardo, the head of Miramax, Italy, whom Maxman suspected was covering up Weinsteins’ sexual activity overseas. Waxman also said Weinstein showed up to the Times offices.” Damon and Crowe have both denied this story, despite allegations from both Waxman and actress Rose McGoawn. Representatives for Damon and Crowe did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment. 

The New York Times possessed papers that would have provided evidence for Weintstein’s “sexual misconduct back in 2004,” but instead “gutted it under pressure,” letting the story go untold and Weinstein unrestrained.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing cover ups lies at the feet of American law enforcement, with the New York Police Department possessing an unreleased audio recording of Weinstein in the act of sexual assault. In this audiotape, you can hear her repeatedly try to shut down Weinstein who clearly doesn’t understand what it means when a woman says ‘no.’:

So, two points for conspiracy theorists. 

If large-scale scandals such as Weinstein’s, which required a formidable amount of silence on behalf of prominent social figures, could go unsurfaced for approximately three decades, how could one simply dismiss similar claims with convincing evidence

Unfortunately, we may never know the full amount of women abused at the hands of Weinstein; however, if such a number can be easily covered up by those in the know, then it goes to show that it is important to not dismiss such large claims. 

In conclusion, two facts have been established. 1) There are an unsettling amount of sexual predators roaming in Silicon Valley, operating businesses that impact our daily lives while perpetuating a degenerate life of sexual misconduct. 2) Large-scale cover-ups are entirely possible to prevent a breakout of this information. 

Everyone has been talking about Hollywood for the last several weeks; however, perhaps its time we look at the bigger picture, and begin calling out Silicon Valley for its immoral, punishable behavior. 

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