The Flordia school shooting happened over a week ago, but new outlets like CNN, MSNBC and other liberal publications are still doing whatever they can to use this as an opportunity to promote their agenda on gun control. CNN’s Town Hall was dedicated solely to students, parents, and political figures speaking on the implications of allowing the second amendment to continue, while other students who wanted nothing to do with politics attended the funerals of their classmates. As to be expected, those students were heavily criticized by the left due to their absence. 

What’s more interesting is the dramatic differences on how this event has been covered depending on what news source you’re getting. Not just what the reporters are saying, but what the students and parents are saying. CNN gave approximately 16 interviews (including a speech) all focused on the student’s opinions on gun control. Most of them hardly touched on their feelings about what happened, it was mostly “We need to take guns away from people so this never happens again.” Or “How dare the NRA exist.” “We hate Trump.” Most of the dialogue was clearly scripted to perfectly fit the agenda and there was no emotion behind any of it. Had you turned the channel over to Fox, however, you’d have been seeing a completely different story. 

When viewing the 6 interviews aired on Fox News, the content was found to contain less of an agenda and more of an account of what actually took place. What happened, how it happened, why they think it happened, and what student parents felt during the aftermath was primarily the focus of these interviews. One student described the heartbreak of putting two students to rest. One wept as she described hearing a student outside of the classroom shouting and begging to let into a place of safety “Please let me in, help me!” She recounted, but they could not open the door because of the shooter nearby. Unfortunately, the student outside the classroom did not make it. Another brave student told Tucker Carlson that once she was reunited with her parents, she witnessed things that no kid should ever have to see. 

David Hogg was interviewed on many different news outlets, and in every single one of them, (with the exception of Fox News) promotion of gun control was discussed. The only time gun control was mentioned among survivors on Fox was when a student and parent spoke against an armed security guard who did nothing to aid the situation and said that they’d feel safer if there were more armed security members. Another student expressed his frustrations when CNN gave him a scripted speech when they found out he was going to propose that armed vets should serve as security guards for the school. 

So depending on if you’re leaning to the left or to the right of the political scale, you either got fake news full of controlled agendas, or the raw, uncut journalism that didn’t focus on “what the gun did”, but rather what happened and how the students lives were impacted by it. Every time there’s a tragedy involving a gun, liberals are quick to show their evil grins and spread their agendas like butter, but conservatives tend to stick strictly to the facts and the effects they have on those involved. It’s clear to see where I stand on this, but where do you? Let’s have a conversation.