“Fascism should rightly be called corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.”

– Benito Mussolini 

FascismPrivate global security firm G4S recently signed a £200m contract with Lincolnshire Police, being handed over responsibility for patrolling neighborhoods, investigating crimes and arresting suspects across the United Kingdom.  

21stcenturywire.com reports: The controversial firm claims it can save £1 billion a year across all 43 of the UK’s police forces.

So where are all of the Antifa protests?

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Is the handover of British policing to a private company not a direct move towards a fascist corporate dictatorship – a merger of corporate and government power?

Who is G4S?

G4S is the world’s largest private security company and the world’s third largest private employer, with roughly 611,000 employees that conduct operations in 125 countries.

Since 2004 they have been absorbing billion dollar security and communication system companies that provide services to several governments.

They are a major government outsourcing partner, offering:

  • Secure Solutions which includes services for commercial and government organizations in areas such as risk consulting, manned security, and security systems.
  • Cash Solutions which is the outsourcing of cash cycle management for banks, financial institutions and retailers.

Rise of Prisons in USThey manage government buildings, nuclear facilities, banks, special events, prisons, juvenile, immigrant and mental health detention facilities, deportation and prisoner transport services. 

They are the world’s largest provider of “electronic monitoring services,” including apparatuses used to track and confine individuals on parole and on bail.

They are completely unregulated and surrounded by controversy. 

  • Between 2006 – 2008 they were the subject of a global campaign by union workers alleging that its subsidiaries undermine labor and human rights standards.
  • In 2012 they failed to adequately supply the London Summer Olympics with security, resulting in the deployment of 3,500 British troops.
  • June 2016 former G4S employee Omar Mateen was responsible for one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history, killing 49 people and wounding 58 at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.
  • December of 2016, insufficient staffing by G4S lead to one of the worst prison riots in British history.
  • There are allegations of their use of immigrant-detainee labor in prisons, extreme misconduct in child custodial institutions in the UK and the US, reports of sexual abuse, police telephone data manipulation – all resulting in numerous lawsuits against the company. 

Britain is Only the Beginning …

  • On Aug. 21, 2017 El Salvador’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security selected the firm to provide technology and software to Central America’s largest electronic offender monitoring program.   
  • On July 6th, 2017 G4S won a four-year contract provide its latest electronic monitoring equipment and software for the Ministry of Justice in France

France’s monitoring program is considered one of the largest in the world with more than 11,000 active monitors at any one time. 

G4S Monitoring Technologies Managing Director, David Byrne, said: 

“This agreement will see electronic monitoring continuing to play a vital role in France’s justice system and the adoption of our latest technology sets the benchmark in Europe.” 

  • Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection has outsourced all transportation services to G4S since 2006.
  • In 2014, the company was made to sell its U.S. Government Solutions division, after charges of complicity in human rights violations in the Guantánamo Bay U.S. Naval Base.
  • G4S owns and operates the second largest private prison in the world, Mangaung Correctional Centre, a maximum-security facility that accommodates 3,000 inmates.
  • G4S Israel (formerly Hashmira) is one of the major security systems and services providers to all branches of the Israeli government, including to the Israeli Ministry of Defense headquarters in Tel Aviv, the Israeli Armored Corps base of Nachshonim, and buildings and equipment of the security and finance industries. 

Image result for g4s prison imagesThey also helped to build The Israeli National Police Academy in 2015 that centralized all of Israel’s police training facilities. 

They manage prisons for Palestinian political prisoners in Israel.

Human rights organizations have collected evidence showing that Palestinian prisoners are regularly subjected to torture in these facilities.

Britain is now transitioning their police force into the hands of this corporation.

Is this the future of who polices us?

Are we really going to allow corporations to rule this planet?

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