Girl with Orange Hair Attacks Republican Students with Black Paint


A student-led Republican organization at the University of Washington is fighting back after members of the club were assaulted and had their property destroyed by opposing leftist groups on campus.

Cops arrested a woman who threw paint at two members of the Republican student group and attempted to destroy their informational table that was set up on campus. The woman’s name has not been released, and the only details provided was that she had orange hair. A second paint container was found at the scene, indicating that she planned on inflicting more damage to them. Once in custody the woman refused to speak, so it’s unclear if she acted alone or with the help of an organization (Antifa?). The paint-covered students haven’t pressed charges yet but plan to do so soon.

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Leftist groups and Antifa have destroyed public property at several universities across the US, including Univ. of California-Berkeley in 2017. Dozens of Antifa members rioted and vandalized due to a speaking event by Milo Yiannopoulos, which was called off for security reasons.

University of Washington administration released a typically diplomatic response: “Every student and member of our community has a right to peacefully express themselves without fear of intimidation, which is why actions like this that are clearly intended to stifle those rights are wholly unacceptable.” Despite appearing to side with the college Republicans, the administration has a less than stellar record of supporting free speech on campus.

Shortly after Trump’s inauguration, a similar rally was held by the Republican organization at University of Washington. The administration attempted to charge the group with a $17,000 security fee. It’s a common tactic used by college executives to issue a last minute “security fee” which is impossible for the conservative groups to pay. UW Republican students were advised that this was unconstitutional and immediately hired an attorney. Luckily, a judge blocked the administration from their blatant attempt to control free speech.

Unfortunately, the problems at UW are becoming a typical occurrence in our country and it’s only going to get worse. They want to shut down conservative free speech and stifle Constitutional rights. We must never let them do that.

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