Google Panics As Robert Mueller Investigates Google’s Top Lobbyist, The Podesta Group


Russia, Russia, Russia. That’s all we ever hear about. Trump and Putin and Russia. But in a recent twist of events, the democrats may be the next in line to face the wrath of the Russian investigation.

Tony Podesta and his left wing lobbyist gang, (The Podesta Group) are currently under a federal investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The connections were first made to Mueller after an inquiry into the finances of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort 

“Paul Manafort had organized a public relations campaign for a non-profit called the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU). Podesta’s company was one of many firms that worked on the campaign, which promoted Ukraine’s image in the West.” NBC wrote. 

You may be reading now, and wondering where Google comes into play with all of this…

Google has been involved the The Podesta Group for over a decade, only recently parting ways with them. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, and Podesta both donated money to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Unlike pretty much everyone who calls themselves a liberal, Google decided to move on. Wise move. I can see them saying something like this, after they’ve finally seen the light.

“Trump actually IS our president, and maybe, just maybe, we should stop trying to push away the people on the right.”  

Actually, the quote went more like this:

“Companies have to get over the assumption of a Hillary presidency and pivot to the new world under President Trump. Big companies don’t necessarily move on a dime, and it takes a little effort for their operations to pivot to the new regime.”

Alphabet and Podesta parted ways January of this year, figuring they could get out while the getting was good. 

John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, secured 75,000 common shares from his membership on the executive board of an energy company, Joule Unlimited, which received $35 million from a Putin connected Russian government fund. Oh the things you learn from Breitbart and Wikileaks. If John Podesta was this eager to sell his soul to Russia, what’s to say that his brother didn’t do the same? It wouldn’t be the first time The Podesta Group has been caught in less than desirable situations, take their lobbying for the Iraqi government for Example.   

The Russian investigation began before Googled severed ties with The Podesta Group, maybe their goal wasn’t to move forward with the people, but instead to move away from the likes of Robert Mueller. Mueller has been going hardcore at this investigation, and it may only a matter of time before Google gets outed, and linked to shady dealings with Russia.

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